Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my hate towards pants and love towards spongebob.

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is there really anyone who doesn't love this? pictures: found them in a book.
so, I'm sick. My braces are sooooo super tense that I can't go to school. I think I slept for two hours this evening. Wawaaah. I'm going to watch spongebob and gossip girl all day. I will also dream about lollipops and being a catoon figure. all also read my favorite blogs - pay them a visit if you feel like it! lovisa, tavi, laura, emma.
all love from me and my hungry stomache.


jenny said...

OMG, i love your blog!!!
and your style,

Emma said...

thank you for mention me at your blog! that means a lots to me!! and you are one of my top 5 blogs. or top 2. :) top 2 is more correct.

i want braces too! then i can watch sitcoms all day. i just have these wannabe-braces..

buy the way, have you seen Elliott erwitt's dog pictures? the black and white pictures just reminded me of him.


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