Monday, June 7, 2010


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this night I came back home from paris. it was great and the weather better than ever. we went to petit palais and saw the YSL-exhibition which was totally awesome! if you're heading to paris soon you need to go there.

today i need to write my last assignments for school and then it's finally over. on friday we quit and i can't wait! i love graduation-day or whatever you call it in english (skolavslutningar in swedish), most people wear pretty clothes and we sing in the big church and we eat strawberrycake together at the schoolyard and everyone's nervous when we get our grades and everyones releived and happy and sometimes it rains and sometimes we have picnik afterwards and this time i'll be at Elsas place and we will spend the evening with our laughing and crazy friends!

when do you guys quit school and what are you doing then?

xxx, Alice.

PS. Anyone knows anything about Mocambiques demography/population geography??? I will love you forever if you do DS.


Charlotte said...

so jealous of you going to paris
Charlotte x

Linnéa said...

For the mocambiques demography I just got this :
19 686 505 habitants
0-14 years old 42,7 %
15-64 years old 54,5 %
65 years old and more 2,8 %
I hope it will help you :)

filippa (fahlin) (alma holsts kompis, du vet?) said...

jag fullkommligt DÖR av avundsjuka!

Irene said...

oooh so you have quite a big party when you finish school, right?

i quit the 14th, then i'll go to a concert here in madrid, and i'm off to canada 3 weeeeeks, sooo greaat. then i'll just spend august in the coast of spain.

maybe i sound boring, anyway, how was paris?

Irene said...

Mozambique’s rate of population growth, is lower than that of most other African countries.
The country’s infant mortality rate is among the highest in the world. As in most African countries, Mozambique’s population is young—more than two-fifths of Mozambicans are under age 15 and almost three-fourths under 30.

there's a lot more in wikipedia:

Alice&Elsa said...

Yes Irene, quite a big partyyyyy!
No, you absolutely dont! Spain + Canada sounds fantastic!! And Paris was great. xx!

ponyhunter said...

beautiful photos, i love that the 2nd image almost looks as if it's been taken with an old film camera. i cant wait to get back to paris.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice !
I really like your pictures and there quality, so I just want to ask you and sorry if someone already did it, what camera do you use ? And wich objective ? I don't know if it's objectiv, or objectif...
I soon will buy a new canemra, so do you have any advices ?

miriam said...

loovely photos!!
jag har också avslutning på fredag, den 11 kl 11 i oscarskyrkan hehe

Alice&Elsa said...

Ponyhunter: thanks à LOT xx

anonymous: Its okay, i used à nikon D3000 taking these and most other Pictures here with à simple objective that Came with it when i bought the camera. Im really happy with mine and i would absolutely recommend it. If you're looking for à camera of the same type as mine, id recommend nikon before Canon and others. If you're looking for an analog one, id recommend holga or pentax!

Miriam: miwi tack du! Vi har också i oscarskyrkan, vi kanske sEs!xx

Everyone calls me Coco. said...

gorgeous photos!

<a href=">Coocoo for Coco</a>

Alice&Elsa said...

Coco: thank you!!xx

The chapel said...

It's funny to see Paris into the eyes of strangers :)


amazing photos!


Anonymous said...

Jeena said...

gorgeous photos! loveee ittt!.x

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