Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yesterday it was warm enough to screw pants and pantyhose's and run around bare legged. So I put on my new 90's dress I bought in Copenhagen (and looked a lot like Angela from my So Called Life) and sat down on a patch of grass with Elin, Alice, Josephine, strawberries, soda, chocolate milk, oreo's and music from bad iPhone loudspeakers.

 josi so pretti
 Elin and I
 Alice's glittery nailpolish and Elins oreo
 Josephine pritti girli!
 Alice's penny savers!

 The new flowery dress. I bought it in a store called It's Kitch Bitch which is a lame name to a great store!

Mine and Josephine's shoes!
lovely afternoon

Today I had to leave school because of allergies (pollen) and a cold. Wah. But I only missed the last class and it was essay writin' time so she said I could do it some other day. 

Not supermegamany comments lately. Are we doing something wrong? Do you want to see more of something? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME! 


Monday, April 25, 2011

easter break

Last tuesday my brother, my mother and I drove down to Skåne to a) visit my grandparents b) make a short stop before mother and I journeyed further towards denmark! 
 My brother, mother and dog by the lake of Vettern, it's beautiful! 

 Me by the lake of Vettern (sorry for the ugly face, can't help myself). 

 My little cutiepie brother.

 Pretty pretty house house! 

On wednesday my mother and I went to Copenhagen. 

We visited a bunch of vintage stores and regular stores. After a while we found a store that sold vintage wallpapers. They were beautiful but I didn't buy any.  

We had lunch at a place called Victor.  

We had dinner in the Meat District, at a place called Paté Paté. It was wonderful! 

 My mother and I shared a wonderful chicken <3

 When we received the check we also received a small postcard that they would send for us. I sent one to Karin.

 We only stayed one day and one night. Since all the stores in Copenhagen were closed on Thursday, we went to Helsingborg. So we left early in the morning, but had time to eat breakfast at our hotel.

One (of the several things) thing I bought was this striped t-shirt from Comme des Garçons. It's 100 % cotton and super ultra comfortable. 

I hope you all have had a lovely easter! 

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