Sunday, January 31, 2010

even artichokes have hearts

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Hello. Here's some more pictures from yesterday. Our sleepover was nice. 2 o'clock in the night we sat on elsas checkered bed perfectly still and listened to great songs. We watched Amelie from Montmartre and talked about diaries. We ate hallonmumrikar (rasberry pastilles) and fell asleep while we were talking about artschool which starts next tuesday. X, alice.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


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images from today stolen from lovisas blog.

about the title of this post (since i know it's cheezy)... alice and I have been saying it for a few days. i have no idea what it means, but it is a combination of the words fashion and banana. it's something funny though, because we laugh when we say it.

anyway, today i went to the vintage market with alice and lovisa. i bought a pair of earrings from the seventies and a pair of pants.. alice is coming over in a minute and we'll have a sleepover.

by the way, you guys. i've been noticing that alot of you are posting images from our blog on your blog, which is awsome! but you don't leave links nor references to our blog, which is a bit sad, so please do that! this way, we all can live together in peace.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


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trés serious images by webcam.

i've been wanting to tell you about my new favorite blouse. paul&joe junior. i've had it for aaaaagggeeeesss but i haven't posted it yet. i love wearing flowers in the winter. it makes me feel like it's summer/spring. i know, it's an illution, but i like it that way. who's to stop me?

BY THE WAY, this song is amazing. i've been listening to it since it came, but I haven't posted it until now. listen.

right now i'm listening to ted gärdestad while facebooking and writing an essay about how it is to be fourteen years old. it's mostly about love and boys. it's also about how all grown ups tend to think we're crazy. i'ts pretty fun, yet boring.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you have the awnser?

Oh yes. The awnsers to questions and awnsers are here! Wohooo!

How do you stay so thin?

Elsa: Well, it's not like I'm on a diet or anything. I don't really work out. So, nothing. I'm just like this, I guess.

Alice: Suppose that one wasn't directed to me...

Does fashion is your first hobbie ? It's like a passion ?

Elsa: As sad and shallow as it may sound, yes. I mean, it is my passion. I like to paint aswell. I make clothes that I sell too. But mostly fashion...

Alice: Fashion has been around me ever since I was born so it has always been a natural part of me, and certainly, it's a passion. I'd say I probably don't put as much time and thought on it as Elsa though.

Do you live in Stockolm ?

Elsa&Alice: Yeas, indeed we do!

Where have you been in the world ?

Elsa: I've been to the US, france, italy, denmark, england, thailand, switzerland, austria, spain, turkey.

Alice: Ok, here we go... I've been to france, spain, india, italy, denmark, norway, sweden, japan, USA, england, thailand, switzerland, austria, brazil, egypt, south africa, germany and that's all.

Why have you decided to begin a blog ?

Elsa: I think it was because I wanted to "bring" something to the world. I don't think we contribute alot to this world with this blog. But you can always try, right? Like Betty in Ugly Betty would say, To inspire atleast one person.

Alice: I agree with Elsa. But I think we also did it because of all the fun! Both of us love writing, sharing pictures and adventures and .. our lives?

What kind of job do you want to make ?

Elsa: I would like to do something creative. Maybe in fashion. I don't know. I think about it alot, but as it is right now I have NOOO idea!

Alice: Me neither. No idea right now. But something creative and culturally for sure. I think. Hehe. We'll see.

Which is your favorite department store?

Elsa: I would say H&M, Weekday and American Apparel.

Alice: (^^^Are they really department stores? ^^^) I would say Laforet in Harajuku/Tokyo.

Which area in Stockholm do you live in?
Elsa: Östermalm.

Alice: Lidingö.

But what are your favorite colors?

Elsa: Really boring, but I like black. I like blue alot aswell... I like all colours mostely, but mainly these two.

Alice: Hm. Difficult question indeed. I like black, navy blue and... red. I think. I mostly wear black and blue actually. 

What inspires you?

Elsa: Books, movies, pictures, music. Mainly old stuff. It's very rare that I find Vogue, Nylon or Elle inspiring. Dazed and Confused and POP are quite inspiring, sometimes atleast.

Alice: I'm inspired by all sorts of things. Often strange things. I can be inspired by a mood or a weather as much as a movie or a song. I like old stuff too. I find them kind of nice and concrete. New things and modernity sometimes scares me.

Do you guys paint your nails often?

Elsa: I never paint my nails. Boring, huh? Haha!

Alice: Sometimes yes. There was a time, I think it was last year, when I ALWAYS had painted nails in colors like neonpink, orange, purple and babyblue, crazy. Nowadays it is usually red or sometimes black. 

Favorite tea?

Elsa: I love your questions!! I really like Earl Grey and different types of fruit tea. I also like mint tea alot. But just any tea in general is great.

Alice: Ah I LOVE tea! And my favorite is absolutely rhubarb+vanilla and camomile.

Favorite food?

Elsa: I seriousely love McDonalds, alot! But I like different types of salads. I like couscous and chevre alot.

Alice: Hm. White fish, japanese food and Elsas homemade (hrm) pancakes with sugar and cinnamon! Haha!

Unicorns with gold sparkles with pink hair or flying narwhals?

Elsa: This is an awsome question. I would say both. It's so hard to choose...

Alice: Well, I'd say both too. A pinkhaired goldsparkling unicorn would for sure be heavenly to have in the stables. But still, I'd really like to have a flying narwhalfriend! 

Wich one of the older students in your school do you think has the best style in clothes etc.?

Elsa: I don't see the older kids in my school that much, but some of them have really cool names. I don't want to write the names down since I know that some of them read our blog - and maybe they would be sad if we didn't mention them. But some of them have great style!

Alice: I agree with the lady above. But I do not usually spend time checking out their style. 

Some special vintage shops in stockholm you could recommend?

Elsa: I think that I am the vintage junkie in this blog... But I personally Love (yes, that is a capital L) Myrornas. It is really cheap and awsome. There is also Stockholms Stadsmission (they have killer shoes) and Emmaus (which is a bit more expensive). Beyond retro is also great. Weekday secondhand as well. There are so many.. But those are the ones that I prefer.

Alice: Elsa is absolutely the one to buy vintageclothes all the time but I find them at home (you see, we have loads of clothes. And when I say loads I mean L O A D S). Except for the ones Elsa mentioned, I'd say Judiths (hornsgatan), Lisa Larsson (skånegatan?) and then theres a pretty cool one on wollmar yxkullsgatan.

how long are you girls?
Elsa: I am 165,5 centimeters tall.

Alice: I am not sure but I guess around 163 cm.

Do you like Twilight?

Alice: HAHA me too!

Would you concider yourself as popular in your school?

Elsa: Our school is really small. I mean, I'm not like the most popular girl, no. I have some friends that I stick to. But there really is no IT girl in our school...

Alice: No absolutely not. Im not the kind of person who's comfortable in large groups/gangs. I prefer having some really good friends rather than a hundred not so good friends. 

Which line do you focus?

Elsa: We're still in base school (junior high), so we don't really focus on any special subject.

Alice: ... but our school focus on mathematics and natural science subjects.

How old are you?

Elsa&Alice: We are fourteen years old! (Elsa is the oldest..)

Alice: ...note!

Do you party?

Elsa: I wouldn't consider myself as a party girl. But if there is a party I'll go.

Alice: Er, no. Not at all to be honest. I don't have a big problem with parties and it's not like I'd never party but I'm not a partyperson.

Do you drink or smoke?

Elsa: I wouldn't say I do.

Alice: I've never smoked nor drank/drunk.

Which schools do your friends go to or do you only have friends in your school?

Elsa: I have some friends in my school and I have some friends in Gärdesskolan, Franska skolan, Danderyds gymnasium, Kulturama and Enskilda Gymnasiet.

Alice: The french school on stora essingen, Engelbrekt, vasaskolan, Södra latin and more!

Do you have a boyfriend? Hve you had one? Describe him!

Elsa: No, I don't have a current boyfriend. Yes, I've had several, Haha! Well, the last one was blond and tall. Gosh, now I sound like such a player, I'm really not! I just fall in love very easily. Allthough, I'm not in love right now. I would like to be. But no.

Alice: Not for the moment. And I have had one, haha! Errr... He was blond, shy and liked to skate...And he had a funny laughter aswell.

Favorite label?

Elsa: Acne, Apc, Ann Sofie Back Chanel, Sonia Rykiel (I am aware that I cannot afford the last two). And many, many more!

Alice: I buy most of my clothes from Acne, A.P.C., american apparel and kitson. And more and more and more and ... more.

Second Hand or new?

Elsa: Second Hand! It's more unique and special and one of a kind. Plus, it's cheaper, haha!

Alice: I AGREE!!! What I sometimes like about new clothes though I that they're always so soft and not worn.

What is the name of those who are your best friends, are they also interested in fashion?

Elsa: I have more than two best friends! I have so very many close friends. But some of them are interested in fashion, some of them aren't. I mean, I do interest in other things than fashion too!

Alice: Haha Elsa didn't stick to the question. Well, Elsa is my best friend but I don't think the names of the others are essential. Some of them are. 

When did you discover your personal style?

Elsa: I discovered it a year and a half ago, but it has developed since. Now I am much more dearing than earlier.

Alice: Hm... I don't know what to answer. I guess it constantly changes over the years... 

Who are your rolemodels?

Elsa: Sooo many! I mean, in clothes, I get inspired by combinations. It's hard to say, but at the moment it is Jane Birkin and other people. Very much from the sixties/seventies.

Alice: A! Hard question since there are so many! I like coco sumner, ali mcgraw and lykke li ofcourse. Sorry but I'm to tired to think deeper than that right now.

Why were you in love with your last boyfriend? How far in the relationship did you go?

Elsa: Because he was nice. I don't know... But the relationship wasn't that serious, I mean, I'm fourteen years old! I'd rather not awnser the last question. I keep alot of things to my self sometimes...

Alice: I guess he was nice and kind of shy and svåflörtad (don't know the word in english). It wasn't that serious either. I'll skip the last one too. Not that much to talk about anyway.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Here are some of the images that Arvida took of me the other day. I really like the 60's/70's feel of them. I'll post the rest some other day!

Today Katinka and I went to a café and I had rasberry pie. After that I went to Acne and bought a tank top. Tonight my dad and I are going to the movies, Up in the air. Have you seen it? Is it any good? By the way, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs is the best movie ever, no joke.

Friday, January 22, 2010

jag vet en vän.

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GUYS! Sorry for not posting anything interesting lately. But I have something interesting now. three things.
1. I won a competition on Tavi's blog.
2. Today I'm watching Cloudy with a chance of meatballs with my friends Elsa and Katinka.
3. This wednesday I met Arvida/Emma (don't know which name to use...) to take some pictures, which is the most interesting thing this week. She was really nice and happy, so it was really fun! I'll show you the pictures when she's emailed them to me.

Happy weekend guys!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

weekend warriors

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hi, how are you? 
i'm reading.
acne paper.

i'd like to change.
not my personality.
but maybe a new 
haircut. or a
new furnishing.
or a new friend.

love, a.

Friday, January 15, 2010

rewsna & noitseuq

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phs from today

hi! today we went iceskating with the class. it was actually very much fun! eventhough it was freezing cold. in the afternoon we had a thing that we call " fridaycafé " which went out well. elsa came and brought some rasberrycakes with her. yum to the mie. 
this thing about guestions & answers, why don't we do like this; you ask us any questions you want and we'll promise to answer them. instead of doing this a bit halfhearted all the time, why don't just have a big " questiontime " right now! GO AHEAD AND ASK. 


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oy, oy!

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Don't even ask about the images.

I am sick (as allways). I have this infection in my foot (damn you, Dr Martins) and now my doctor says I can't walk and if I do, I can get blood poisoning - and I don't want that. So I'm at home. That is my reason for no blogging and these bad, sad, old images.

How are you guys? Any request for something you would like to see more of in the blog?


Saturday, January 9, 2010

fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter

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Today I went to the stables where it was freezing cold. I took a short ride around the forest with Jo and took the train home. I got to take the train home from the stables since it's so far away. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. Today I kind of enjoyed it. When I got home I put my glittertop on. I am now listening to Dolly Parton while deciding whether to watch Hair or Jules & Jim. .

I don't know about you but I am so happy that spring is on it's way! 
This is what I'm planning to fill it with:

- long bright and warm nights (,please)
- adventures 
- trips to paris 
- feeling free 
- swimming in the warm lake at night
wearing nice floral dresses and being able to get to school early in the morning without having anxiety
- laughter and love

and more and more and more...
But until then I guess all I can do is just hold out and not freeze to death.


Friday, January 8, 2010


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ph by me

Hello Readers,
this day started as an okey day, then became a hell and that turned out very well. i'm sick today though, which is why i don't post any pictures of myself (the one above is an old one). i kind of look like a homeless woman who froze to death (the fact that im wearing a sweater that reminds me of winnie the pooh doesn't make it better). my mother gave me this bag on the picture today. it made me happy! it's from the secondhandstore What goes around comes around in n.y. i completely and totally love the store and the bag. love to you. x alice.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ship o'hoy!

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Hey Lovers!
Guess if I'm tired? I mean, it feels like I'm going to fall asleep right - to the - now. But, despite my tiredness, today was a goood day. This depending on the following reasons.
1. School ended today at noon, so my friend Elin and I went to have lunch at Mc Donald's. lovely!
2. Later, Petra and I went shopping and muffin eating. She just came back from Thailand, so she had a TAN!
3. Tomorrow, school starts at 10.20 am tomorrow, does that rule?

Jacket from Beyond Retro. White stockings from American Apparel. Dr. Martens.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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Sorry for the really awkward images.
Yesterday I bought this Mint Green sweater and that white tee with pearls at the Acne sale. I am happy, happy and happy to the happy! The shorts in the image are from beyond retro.
Alice and I also went to the movies yesterday, we watched The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. It was good, yet sad, in the end...

Today there is minus twenty degrees outside, so I went to grab a cup of coffee for a while and now I'm sitting in my room full of candles watching Mad Men. I think I would enjoy living in the sixties.

Tomorrow, school starts. This is something that really blows. REALLY BLOWS!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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She is the reason I want to cut my hair short. Mia Farrow. She is so beautiful. My GOD!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


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Image Hosted by hey guys! today, my brother and i went to the movies. we watched couple's retreat, which actually was a pretty good movie. silly, yet movies. after that i dragged my brother to h&m, which is where i bought the pantyhose in this picture. right now, i'm watching harry potter. woho. i love magic! i found a picture of me in a swedish blog. cool! agneswrotethis.

i've realized that some of you readers think i'm too skinny - and i don't publish those comments. yes i am skinny, but i don't have an eating disorder. ask my friends, they never want to eat lunch with me anymore, since the only place i want to eat at is mc donald's. comments about my weight makes me a little upset. i lost two kilo's yeasterday due to stomack flue - due to which i did not eat. meaning, i lose weight very easy. so please, i ask you - don't post comments like that anymore. you have your awnser here, now drop that subject.
but please leave other comments. ask questions any other questions you would like, we love to awnser them!


Friday, January 1, 2010

the power.

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My start of the new year is not that great, due to stomack flue. So, to make me happy, I'm watching Ellen Degeneres show. It rules.

So, new year resolutions are following:
1. Eat less candy - Oh yeah. I'm not sure if i will continue on with that one.
2. Start drawing again - I stopped drawing, started to find it boring since my drawings where bad.
3. Start writing again - When I was younger I used to write short-stories and doing that made me feel so much better, so I'm going to try and start again.
4. Watch more old movies - Because I love the olden days, haha!
5. Stop being such a drama queen - I'm somewhat of a loony-crazy drama queen and since I don't like other drama queens, I don't think i should be one either.
6. Stop worrying, be happy! - Yes, I worry. If my mom doesn't awnser the phone I think she's dead (again with the drama queen).
7. Be nicer to people around me, even when I'm in a bad mood - I can be quite the bitch. Gosh, that is annoying!

I love you readers, just so you know!

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