Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 Julia on the schoolyard in the lovely and warming spring sun.
 Elsa and Constance

Yesterday I wore that black dress with flowers from Stadsmissionen (thrift shop in Stockholm). My mom and I went shopping and I got two pair of shoes (below) two pair of jeans, one sweater, a dress and jogging shoes. After that we went to Papa's which is a lovely lovely lovely Italian restaurant. It feels like you are in italy. They play italian music, serve italian food, the waitors are italian, there are pictures of italian people on the walls and when you go into the bathroom they either play music from some old italian movie or sounds from an old italian boxing -or football game. It's italian. 

 As of right now I am reading Vogue Paris, BON and POP!, at the same time... I like to do that, don't know why. 

Here come the shoes:
 One pair of green/grey/blue-ish 3 hole Dr. Martens. I needed lighter more spring-y shoes. 

 One pair of black, low rise Dr. Martens, with a buckle. I normally don't like buckles, but on these ones I do. They make me feel like a cartoon character. These images make the shoes look a bit ugly, though. They are much prettier in reality. If you ever happen to see me come up to me and I'll show you. 

How are you all? (see I'm blogging more)



Our Youth said...

lovely post. the shoes are very pretty :)

Karin said...

men gurrr lägg ägg

johanna said...

åh fan vad fina de sista skorna va!

Eva said...

Very pretty shoes. Love to see them on!

Anonymous said...

åh, vart har du köpt de sista docs?

Anonymous said...

hey elsa can you recommend me some movies?
p.s.:I adored the shoes!

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the docs ?
are they new ?
why do you never answer to our commentaries !! :( :( :(

Alice&Elsa said...

sorry for not answering everyone! sometimes i don't see the comments so i don't answer...
Thank you everyone!

I bought the doc's at a place called Sko Uno in stockholm!

xxxxxxx to all!

Vanamo said...

LOOOOOVEEEE those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARGOT K. said...

your Dr. Martens are pretty! I'm jealous haha

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