Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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This is elsa.
She's the best friend walking on this earth, I promise you.
When we grow up we will live our dream,
together. What a wonderful life.
I love her.

i wanted to escape the uniform.

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Today I wore a buttoned-up littlebrothers shirt, black tights and my new brown shoes.
Although they're not on the picture. So, well - that's pretty much it. Tonight i'm taking a shower and watching the swedish premiere of grey's anatomy! Will Izzie & George live or die? I can't wait, i'm super excited. I've been talking about it all day.. One hour left. Aaaaah. Haha, X's E

vacuumcleaners at söder.

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I spent the day hanging out with my beautiful friend Josephine. We had a cup of coffe at String, or well - I had a cup of foamed milk and Josephine had chaitea. So, not a cup of coffee. And then I had a vacuumcleaner and Josephine had a biskvi. Loveloveloveit! I bought a pair of black tights. I wore my fakefur, black tights, old-man shoes and a shirt. A picture later. All my love / .e.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

do you want to go to the seaside?

Beloved ones,
Some day, I will grab my piano and fly away to wonderland. And we'll stay there forever. Or at least until we get to hungry...
Okay, so I totally know that I'm CORNY, but that's just the way it is. Today I've learned some more chords for our KIDS-performance on the piano. I've also been wearing off-white converse and colors like ocean-blue and olivegreen. Autumn is actually on it's way!

Love, Alice.

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come winter, come fall.

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picture from a photoshoot with a friend.

so, i've been studying all night - and so I missed my drama class.
anyway - someone asked us howcome we speak so good english - and to be honest. I don't know... I think it's because I've been the biggest tv geek all my life. being the biggest tv geek, i'm watching idol. have a nice night.

Monday, September 28, 2009

crying out for attention

This is a happy day! Even though I've broken up with my so-called boyfriend, and I haven't done my french homework, or the so very difficult guitar homework, and I'm a bit sick, and Anna Anka is on tv, and my clock is out of function. But still, I'm happy, and it's a nice feeling. Today me, elsa and our friend Alex "won" the orientation (is that the word? no?) at gymnastics, yay. And tomorrow we're going to record some songs at my place, and it'll be so fun! Elsa's the singer, I'm playing the piano, and Alex's on guitar. And, this weekend I'm getting those so very long wanted Doctor Martens from my lovely mother.. and that's, pretty yay-ish too! Now: Need to practice 'Kids' by MGMT on the piano, for tomorrow! XXX.a

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strange as it may seem, they didn't accept me at the mentalhospital.

the title tells you everything. except that i'm creating new albums at facebook, eating candy and watching idol 2009 this evening.
(and I know i look like a sunburned alien in my vlog, so don't post comments about that... and i know i seem corny. I am.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tonight, when opened my bedroom window to say goodnight to the trees and the sea, I could tell winter is on it's way. X A.

wierdness 101.

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i'm sort of inlove with this pictyre from the other day. c'est moi et lovisa.
(wow, i'm waaay international right now)

flowers, sundays and broken sunglasses.

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oh, how tired am i? you don't know, i'm telling you.
anyway. my day is already rewined, since in sweden it's already 1:15 pm. I was going to see alice today, but know I don't really know about that. i'll probably just clean my room, shower and work on this project in school. why did I take on that assignment? i do regret it. wellwell.
soo, pictures of what i bought yesterday. the flowery dress is going to be waaaay shorter though.
they are all from a second hand shop called påkläderiet in sofo at söder.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'd rather hear your sympathy

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I don't fall in love with silly boys, I fall in love with pictures like this. a.

We'll run away if we must!

They Say They don't Trust You Me We Us  So we'll Fall If we Must 'Cause it's you Me And it's all about It's all about 
GUYS! Ehm, yes, today I express my feelings with a songtext.. So far it's been a great couple of days!
I got great grades on the tests and yesterday was spent with my so very easygoing butterflyloving friend Elsa, whom
I like kind of a big lot. Today I was competing pony-jumping or whatever you call it in english and it went out OKAY.
Anyway, I've also been given a practical work "experience" at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm! It'll be so
cornily fun!

Guys, I'm jealous of elsa, she's at the cinema seing "Flickan" (Flicka=GIRL in english..) with her mother. Hm, why is
she doing such cozy things while Im at home doing..what? Okay, anywayy, here's a pic ..
Have a lovely evening. a.

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grass, donuts and other things.

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me by lovisa.

that are the words to sum up yesterday. lovisa, hevin and I wen't to the big myrorna in hjorthagen, and I bought a sweater for only 65 kronor. pretty damn proud. after that we sat by this industrial area on grass eating donutd, cinnamon buns, croissants and other stuff. delicous.
so, today - saturday - I was going to hang out with Nanna, but as it turns out - i need to go to our countryhouse at ingarö. allthough i must say, I like it there in our tiny hous. i'll most likely bring some magazines and a huge bag of candy. yum. so, have a nice saturday.
blaha, .e.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I die. That is how MUCHO i love lykke li. it's like, i want to be her somehow.
anyway, i bought a sweater today. have a nice night.
x.x.x e. (oh, i'm to gossip girl to be happening)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


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(pic provided by knightcat. & i love this picure for undestandable reasons)
sorry for the lack of blogposts lately. i've been studying and if it's not chemestry - it's math.

so, tommorow i'm going shopping at GRANDE myrorna att lidingö with lovisa. funfunfun!
today alice and I wen't shopping to reward ourselfes for being such nerds. oh, we know we're corny - but anyway I bought a sweater and some rings. ph's tomorrow or whatever.
so well, have a nice night / day (?)

x's .e.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


You know what! I've cut my hair! The centimetres at least! It's short short short!

Hi there,
Okay, so I think Elsa has given you kind of the right message from our hearts, chemestry is.. not .. fun... Ehm, Big Chemestry test tomorrow, am I happy? Am I lucky? Am I indescribably thankfull for this very interesting and learning test? Am I bouncing around the house screaming my life is wonderful right now? No, actually I'm not. I do have these suicidal thoughts though... Well, I think I'll just have to work on it... or no, I should go listen to Of Montreal under a blanket, pretending I do not excist... .a.

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i'm a loose canon, ooh.

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ph: from saturday when alice and I still was blindly unaware of the HUGE chemestry test coming up.

don't bring flowers after i'm dead. no, just kidding. that's the song i'm listening to though. while i'm studying, chemestry - kill me. i have this huge test tomorrow, so I sort of have no choice. so, sorry for the lack of blog posts. but I have no inspiration, my brain is SUPER FULL of chemestry! my room is full of pink post-it's with stuff to remember. but oh, enough about me. how is your day? me and alice are thinking about making a quite different cover of the song sho wolf. but we'll see.

Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm out of candy and i'm drowning in science and lykke li.

I'm sitting here in my new fake fur (trying to get comfort from something) listening to lykke li and dreaming about a day without school. Oh, when will it come? Let's just say that science is not my cup of tea.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

in search of a remedy.

My newest look on lookbook.
Today I actually had lunch with my dad, it was fun. After that we went to beyond retro, and I got my fake fur. Yey! I had a nice weekend, was invited to this party yesterday, but I really did'nt feel like going. I regret that though. Well, well. I need to study. And I really hate math! .e.

15:11 20-09-09

I don't like math..

Gosh. I've got so much to do. We have three tests next week, at monday, wednesday and friday, and it's killing me! I guess I just have to do it right now, and the do the best I can on the tests, and then it's done. Yesterday was a truly great day! Me and Elsa had a great time in the city, spending money at american apparel, h&m and beyond retro. When we where on our way home, Elsas skirt got stuck in her bike! She wore this very long, purple skirt and luckily, a guy who spoke english stoped and helped us out.
Okay, now I got to concentrate on homework for a while, but I'll come up with photos and more later! Have a nice day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Dinosoar chic"

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The other half of the pastry.
She's the goodiepart, the frosting.
Her name is Alice, and here she is.
I love her.

so sick of lovesongs..

Hi lovely people!
Im sitting here at home with a big cashmere sweater and a sick me. Not so very sick, but still, enough to stay home and watch VMA all day. I just learned how to play Bella's Lullaby on the piano and it actually sounds pretty good! I feel full of energi right now (obviously, since I haven't been doing anything today..) and I think I should do some drawing or something... How do you guys like it here on our new blog? I think it's wonderful! Devote was always out of function or something like that... We're going to come up with better updates, pictures and a new header! ..since this one unfortunately is spelled wrong. all the best, a.

Hello mushroom brigade.

Why are the pictures getting so small?
Picture from a party last weekend.

Sick of being sick.

If I was'nt sick...
What I would have worn if i was'nt sick.. And yes, I wear bodys on the outside of my tights.
I really don't like being ill, there's nothing about it that's fun. Allthough, i must say - I kind of like day time television. But thats just because i'm the biggest geek in history. So, since I'm bored to death, i thought that I would do something productive. I'm dreaming of all the things i'm going to buy once i'm well again. Aaah.
Coat & Underwear: Monki. Rings, Body & Tights: H&M. Dr martens.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


here's alice's and mine favourite song.
we know wer'e dorky, strolling around going aouh!

lousy with virginity.

hello readers. i've decided to only blog here now. i was blogging at fashionparade for a while, I got sentimental. but i've made my desiscion, i'm staying here. the picture is from a day on my roof.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eeny meeny miny mo

Skirt Marc Jacobs, Tshirt Filippa K, Shoes Whyred and glasses Second Hand.

Won't anyone tell me how to upload pictures without making them so bad quality? Look at this one above, not so nice. Anyway, today has been a great day, as I said yesterday. I've been in school for 7 and a half hours! .. Then I went to my horse and I took a very nice ride with Emma. If there's anyone who'd like us to write in swedish too, just tell us..
I'm longing for friday! One of my closest friends is having a dinner/party/I actually don't know.. at her place, and it'll be so fun! I suppose.. Have a good night and sleep tight, Alice.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Hi. I think you all should check out my lookbook-page here. Right now, I'm eating grapefruit and playing some old songs on the guitar. Tomorrow is a great day, wednesday. Bonsoir, A.

Oh, the parties of our youth.

All the pictures are from popaganda. A lovely evening.

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