Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween, here are my secrets.

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picture stolen from here.

I'm sitting here, in the darkness of halloween, wondering, thinking and dreaming. dreaming, about throwing huge parties just like marie antoinette did. i want to stay up all night and watch the sunset, i want to have ten dogs and i want to dance around in a castle in france. i'm dreaming about having love, just like the one in twilight, or in a swedish love story. i want to be looked upon as beautiful - and no, not physically, but mentally - so to speak. i want to be loved, unconditionally by a boy, a boy who i would live with. i want to be like edie sedgwick (pre drugaddiction). i want to be someones muse. i want people to think i'm mysterious. yes, i want that. i know that, to some, my teenage dreams may seem childish - and i'm sure they are - but, that's still my dreams. so now, i'm wondering, is there enough time? i mean, i'm like peter pan and pippi longstockings, i don't want to grow up. that sort of frightens me. responsobilities and all that there's to growing up. so, i don't want to miss anything. i want to live life now and be young - now that i am. i mean, i am really childish, very giggely and all that. but, allthough that's the way i want to be, i sometimes wish i was more mysterious, that i didn't talk as much, giggle as much or reveal as much about myself. still, i don't want to be that person, i want to be giggly and funny and childish. so, i can't decide. not that you suddenly decide to change your personality, you are who you are - and i'm still happy about who i am. sometimes, i just want so much. i want everything and maybe a little more. i don't like limits. it's funny, how i just mentioned that i don't want to reveal as much about myself as i do - still i write this long text revealling all of my latest thoughts. but hey, i guess that's blogging for you - right? anyway, happy halloween! i'm trick or treating, even though i didn't bring a costume. i can just be a mouse, or whatever. grey clothes...
these, are my precious confessions.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

on love.

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pic by alice.

alice and the caterpillar.

Up Pictures, Images and Photos
where the wild things are Pictures, Images and Photos
alice_in_wonderland Pictures, Images and Photos
Factory Girl Pictures, Images and Photos
marie antoinette Pictures, Images and Photos
love story Pictures, Images and Photos
ph: all photobucket. my favorite movies, up, where the wilds are, alice in the wonderland, factory girl, marie antoinette & a swedish love story.

bonjour ma cheries! today, i'm going to helsingör in danmark to shop. yay!
so, all these pictures is a tip. 'cause you see, there is a reader who asked me if i have any tips for a theme for a halloween costume party. the thing is, i do! i think that you should have the theme movies, because if you want to dress up alot, you can, and if you want to dress up little, you can do that aswell. so, the pictures are from my favorite movies in the whole wide world and i can't manage without them. so, that's my halloween-party theme if i were to have one.

Monday, October 26, 2009

ooh there she comes - she's a man eater!

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image: rodarte. source: no idea.

hello humans. today I went to the fleamarket here in skåne. it was alot of fun and i bought a beautiful blouse for less than $5 (!) it was awsome. after that my grandma and i baked some bread, it'll be done in a while. tomorrow we're going to helsingör to shop, that'll be fun aswell. right now, i have this huge candycrave. tomorrow, i'll buy candy. yay! in my opinion, there shall be more candy to the people. that english is strange, but whatever... so, now my brother and i are watching christine. here's my old dog now. lovely evening peeps!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


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ph: stolen from my far away friend emma at sheepskinmagazine.

hallå där. is swedish for hello there. i'm at my grandmothers house, it's really cozy.
i've been looking at pictures of my mom from when she was little and my grandmother Brita showed me dresses she'd made. I really adore them. soo, my grandmother say I look just like the girl in the picture when i'm in a ponytail. thank you, I say to her, since I love this picture. tomorrow, i'm going to a yard sale with my grandmother, that'll be fun. anyway, life here in south of sweden is rainy but fun. today i've been reading bon and vogue and now i'm going to watch factory girl, i think. need inspiration. well well, have a nice day all of you.
alice is in tokyo. that makes me jealous, very - and I mean very jealous...

Friday, October 23, 2009

lost in translation

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It's time for the fashionpastry duo to leave stockholm. Alice is leaving for Tokyo and allthough I wish she would pack me in one of her bags, she won't. Instead, I'm leaving for south of sweden. In my language that is Grandma, Grandpa, flea markets, sowing, boardgames, sleeping, rain (probably) and all those things. It's really cozy there. I don't swear to blog everyday - but I swear to try. All for you, lovely ones! No, but seriousely - I'll try. The pictures where taken in a museum last week. Alex took them and they are pretty funny. Wer'e not serious, just so u know.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

en kärlekshistoria...

... is swedish for a love story. that is also the title of my favorite movie - and the clips are from it. it's a movie about teenage love, a summer in stockholm, in the 1970's. what would I do without this movie?

Alice who? Alice in the wonderland of course!

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Image Hosted by
pic: dolly daydreams.
hello everyone. Hello boys and girls and ladies and gentlemen.
I went home from school because I felt really sick. I mean, sick!
So, I went home and here I am now. Dreaming about a world where
Mickey Mouse is the leading man and I can walk around like Alice in
the wonderland all day, just dreaming you know? Oh, you all know
that I'm talking about Disneyland. I think I'll move there when I'm
old enough. Oh, wouldnt that be just - divine? Bambi and I would be
best friends and we would drink tea all day and dance all night. Yes,
I think that would be nice. Dont you? Anyway - I was going to do this
modeling job for this girl, but it seems like I'm not going to do that now.
Too bad, I was sort of excited about it. Anyway, who in sweden is going
to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight? I know I am! Oh, I'm such a geek...
Guys, guys, comment more! I liked it when you did that more - go on!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

are you walking?

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ph: me...

so. plus and minus of today.
plus: i have drama class - that's fun! and alice was back in school!
minus: i went to the school nurse and she told me that she is calling my parents because i'm too skinny. i know it sounds like : ah, poor you (with an ironic words). but, it really sucks hearing that. but, i'm eating. so i was like; strange, i love mcdonalds you know! well, well.

I'm trying to study - noo it's not working. In a while Constance and I'll be walking to drama class. i know i'm going on and on about it - but i love drama class.
i tried taking nice pictures. but all of these really suck. sorry. I NEED PHOTOSHOP! so, if there's anyone who wants to donate that to me, it really would'nt upset me. no, it would'nt.

so, happy tuesday!


Monday, October 19, 2009

bananas of the world united

Today, 5 pages of math done and some drawing while rain were pooring down outside.

About what Elsa wrote eralier, interesting. You anonymous guys don't seem to have such great lives, and that's sad, really. And also, me and Elsa doesn't write this blog to satisfact everyone in the world and make them think we're really funny people, we write cause we think it's fun.

On sunday I'm going to Tokyo! Gosh, I can't wait. Enough school and stress and chemestrytests for a while now, thank God.

Bonsoir, Alice.

oh, mama moon - open your eyes for me.

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New look at lookbook, hype me? CLICK +++

Hello A

hahahaha det är så kul att följa er blogg för ni är så efter förlåt men tex dessa skor upptäcker ni nu och samma sak med DM och MGMT lyssnade jag på för 3 år sedan och la roux, nu hahah det är ganska gullit men det är väl tur att inte alla upptäcker allt för tidigt då skulle det inte vara så kul att ha skorna eftersom alla andra har dem då. Enligt mig så har ni svensk bloggar stil och estetisk stil som är = FULT och att ni fikar på string gör allt bara roligare fortsätt BLOGGA !!! :D

nej men oj vad hände här då ra?!?! det var en tråkig video! ni verkar inte särskilt roliga om jag får säga det själv. ni försöker ha egen stil vilket inte fungerar men ni får i alla fall till "estetiska bloggstilen" men det är det ni vill vara också hoppas jag annars borde ni vara extremt missnöjda.

Okay, all you "i dont speak swedish people out there". here's a good example of a funny comment. somebody's saying that we're ugly and after because we didn't listen to mgmt and la roux three years ago and that the creepers that I wan't are out.
So, to this anonymous person, I say - why do you spend your time writing these comments to us? Don't you have a life? And, I know that "anonymous" is sitting at home right now saying:
"Well, if you don't care - why are you writing this?!"
And, we care but at the same time we don't. So, now I'm going to awnser your comments, Anonymous. About all that "why didn't you listen to this and that music three years ago?" - I say: We don't listen to music that other people listen to at the time, just beacause other people do. We just love music, and that's all there's to it. I've been listening to MGMT for years - but why do you care when we listen to what type of music?
And to all that "you're after because you want creepers now" - I've wanted a pair of creepers for like two years now - but it's not until now I've found a pair that I can afford (I mean, even though I wished I was the richest person on earth, I'm not..) and that made me happy, so I posted it. And all that: "Oh, here's a funny video, NOT!" - we were'nt trying to make a funny video, we were just trying to make a videoblog, but after a while - it just freaked out - and after that, I posted the video. I thought, hey, maybe our readers want to get to know us better.
And also, do you not stand for what you say, Anonymous? Because, if you did - you'd tell us your real name. Please Anonymous, stop sending us these comments? Now we know how you feel and we've awnsered your questions, so there really is no need to post stuff like this again, allthough - it is sort of funny.
But all you nice people out there - keep posting comments, it makes us happy! (It really does, I swear - we sort of, well you know - love you guys.. or - sort of)

whisper words of wisdom- let it be

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Some of you have propably seen these pictures before, around the time that the blog was born, but here they are again. Alex made them black and white and I think it went out very well.

I know I should be in my bed right now, dreaming sweet dreams and growing taller and saving some energi for what will come next but I'm not.

I actually tried to sleep for 2 or 3 times but couldnt so I decided not to sleep. So easy.

Tomorrow, or, today, after I've slept for some hours, or not, I'll post some photos of my childish flowery outfit from today, or- tomorrow, err... OK?

Bonsoir, mes amis, A.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

people get ready

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This is alexander. He's my friend. Well, he's elsas friend too. And I know I've been blogging for a

while now, but you know, Maybe, some magical fairy just threw some stardust on me so I got a

kick or something...


Goodnight for the second or third time,


i'm a painter

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foal, aint done

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
face, aint done yet

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
something something

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
err...was supposed to be a vampire :S

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
elsa made this one

kisses and wishes about a good night to you all, Alice.

//If anyone like these paintings, I'll come up with some more new and fresh ones, these are err..a little bit old. //

if you look hard you can find a rainbowtrail it's deep inside ya

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TJA TJA, is swedish and means I'm saying hello to you guys.
I have, unfortunately and unluckily, been SICK- THE WHOLE WEEKEND, and yeah, that's how fun I've been having it. Enough of that, it's only making me depressed.--- However kings of convenience new album is fantastic -listen to it!- and I have found a black plectrum with a scull on it wich is making me feeling a little bit cooler. So long, have a good sundaynight folks, A.

this is stockholm

Image Hosted by
What I wore yesterday. Do u guys think I should lookbook it?

so, here I am getting ready to sneak down into alice's suitcase to tokyo. but I'm not sure if it'll work. yesterday i met this girl Ke$ha, a new artist or something. She was nice, but it was sort of awkward since I haven't heard her music ever before. but, it was fun. Anyway, today me and my stepdad is going to the modern museum of art here in stockholm. that'll be fun! pictures from yesterday and other things later. now I need to do this SO homework thing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

glimmande nymf, blixtrande öga

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Just wanted to say, Elsa looks so very cute in this picture, don't you think? And, I'm so into japan right know, funny yes, but nice. Drikning sparkling water and dreaming about japanese art.../a.

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ph1 + 2 takashi murakami art

oh arm in arm we are the harmless sociopaths

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Hello, he-llooo! I'm kinda sure you guys're already aware of the fact that this has been a great great GREAT study-week. And not great as in "oh I'm so happy" but great as in huge. Anyhow it turned out really well. Today I've been walking around in thick wool socks in one size too big Doc. Martens, transparent tights (C O L D) and my new (W A R M) coat from A.P.C! For the moment.. I'm reading a very fascinating magazine named MADE OF JAPAN. And do. you. know. what. dear. friends. ? I'm going to Tokyo (!)on the "autumn vacation" or whatever you call it in english. I can't believe it, how cool? Trevlig kväll. /A.

(...Trevlig kväll's swedish=good evening in english..)

do your dirty words come out to play when you are hurt?

This is my brother in a picture i love. LOVE!

hon är vacker, oh så vacker.

so, i want to look like this. now. so if anybody out there is a plasticsurgeon (or whatever it's called) giv me a call. or just - email me. so, for free would be awsome! or, no I wouldn't be nude, no not for you guys haha, I want the face and the hair and the freckles. make it happen! (!!)
just kidding (sort of). this is an illustration by danny roberts and right now he - together with lykke li - is my housegod. i mean, look at this, how fantastic isn't it?! ah, well. anywho I'm with Josephine now and we are going to meet some friends in a while. maybe there will be pictures, maybe there won't. happy friday u guys! /.e.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


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now I speak much better french. so, hopefully the test tomorrow will go well. mais, maintenat je suis trés fatigue. haha, no but i'm just tired. so, this is a nasa picture in which I would love to live in, seriousely. i could move to space to wake up to this view every morning. so, sorry about the bad blogging or whatever. my inspiration is in france right now! nite to you all now. /.e.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

study overdose

just wanted to tell you guys that we take ourselfes very seriousely! Especially in this video. Today in school there was this intervention and the principle gave me candy - thank you! So, watching Greys Anatomy and ignoring the fact that I didn't study what so ever this evening. Well, well. I'll do nothing else tomorrow, swear! Anyway, I'm really bored.
SOMEONE TAKE ME OUT ON A ADVENTURE! If anyone has ideas of how to make studying nore fun, comment. Or comment if you don't, whatever. / .e.

Monday, October 12, 2009

you've - seen - NOTHING!

ediesedgwick Pictures, Images and Photos
pic; dunno (?)

hello humans. I am, well - I don't know... a monkey maybe? Anywaaay, today Nanna and I went downtown, fun - fun - fun. Now, take a shower and eat candy. Leave comments, about improvements or just 'cause you feel like it. Yea, that would make us incredibly happy, so, uh -My computer has ZERO battery. So, goodbye! .e.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

mission impossible 3

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's just NOT possible to draw things like this.
You just can't. It's---Gosh. This woman is
unbelievably incredible.
I'm stunned.


me + ro.

Coolest on earth,

Just got say, I love this.
And I love autumn.
And I love curly brown hair.
And I love... um this.


no need to worry

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Lovely ones,
I'm sick and out of inspiration today, sorry. Promise you this will be a good week blogwise, you have my word! Okay, me and my pony went on a competition and it rocked and I've been listening to awesome music all the while, and I've been reading the latest issue of NYLON (pure love) and I've been biking around the hood with friends having fun! Hope you've had it just as great as I have! NOW: Listening to MGMT feeling like a squeezed frog, yes that's right. Sick.


i'm gonna live foooreeeveer!

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Yesterday I bought a new pair of tights, from american apparel. After that, mom and I watched fame (which was a surprisingly good movie). Today I hung out with Laura. My four year old friend. We made necklaces. After that, mom and I went to the movies again. We watched Soraya M. and I cried buckets. Go watch that movie - right now, seriousely. Well, well. Dinner now.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

faux and fault and oh, i want christmas.

rockabilly creepers Pictures, Images and Photos

soon to be mine! but,oh, only one of them. either these - or the same ones but in all black.
what do you guys think? (sorry that the pictures are bad, but yknow the internet!) i found these babys by googeling rockabilly creepers. do it u to! i mean, they're gourgeus! there are one pair that's grey and black from freepeople, but as it is now, they're out of stock, but they'll probably be in again soon! aah, now i don't know which ones to buy. because it's these or a pair of red dr martens air wair and they're like 6 dollars (!!). well, maybe even both! haha.

i scream, u scream - we all scream for icecream!

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Image Hosted by
This is my beautiful friend Josephine! She has a lovely fur jacket in her closet and which I think I'm going to steal. Hehe.

Guys, please stop posting comments asking if I'm anorexic - I'm really not! Food, candy, icecream and McDonald's is prbably the best thing that has ever happened to me - so no, I'm not anorexic. There's really no point in even writing comments like that, because we don't publish tem anyway. But you guys who leavs other comments, continue - we love it!

So, regardless - today is cleaning day. Allthough - I'm done now. Soo, meeting Kax in like an hour. What's up your saturday?

x, .e.

Friday, October 9, 2009

helloooo humans - i am your friend.

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pic; what I wore this evening - my brothers shirt, ralph lauren. fuzzy tee, myrornas and tights from h&m.

soo, friday night ecuals idol, ben & jerry, popcorns, julia. FUNFUNFUN. now, tired - going to bed. yes, I'm super duper lame - i know. but tomorrow is a day of new adventures (cleaning the apartment and hanging out with Nanna).


PS. I LOVE THAT YOU GUYS COMMENT MORE NOW - KEEP IT UP! And i've been checking out the blogs that comments and follows us - and we have the cooolest people who reads our blog. I'm way happy, you guys!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

baby, your time is running out...

...and so is mine! The test is tomorrow and I know zero. Sooo, sudying about the revolutions. The frech, american and the industrial. BLÄ - is what I would say in sweden. I like it when you guys comment much - so comment more. The song i'm listening to this evening is, as always Bulletproof by LaRoux. Oh, I love it.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

do you remember last september?

Image Hosted by
pic: Helmut Newton

I'm trying to learn, I really am. But - no. Nothing sticks to my brain. I die. I really want to understand this history suff - BUT I JUST CAN'T REMEMBER!
Well, well. Atleast the picture makes me a little happy. It's from our Helmut Newton book, my new best friend.
Today, Lovisa and I went looking for a fake fur for Lovisa, but we never found one.
Practice work place thing at påkläderiet in a little less than three weeks. I'm excited.
I think alice's studying too, she wont post anything this evening.
Readers! Post a little more comments, I want to know who it is who reads our blog!
xoxo, elsa. - that is gossip girl for real now, haha!

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