Sunday, January 16, 2011

my room

Hello and happy sunday. I'm bored and thought you would like a tour of my room. I've remade it (something that happens at least once a year because I get sick of it) since you saw it last. So.. here it is. 
By the way, you should listen to this playlist while reading this post. So you hear what I hear when I'm in my room. Allt om allt/Inget om inget! (<-- click)

 That mirror is supposed to hang on the wall. But I'm considering keeping it on the floor. What do you think? The mirror is old, my mom got the letters for me in New York and the chair is only temporary and antique. I know I'm silly for keeping my stuffed animals. But I can't seem to force myself to throw them away. I get too attached to things, especially clothes and stuffed animals. I guess that makes me creepy...
 Next to my bed I am accompanied by Amélie Poulain and Andy Warhol. The Amélie poster is from and the Andy poster is from Moderna Muséet here it Stockholm. 
 My bed is inherited from one of my parents (can't remember who). 
My dresses hang in my window since I at this stage still don't have a proper dress-hanger. 
 Here's my desk. My mother hates it that there's so much stuff on it. I like it. I like being surrounded by all of my things. I guess that makes me a bit creepy too. You should see my room at my dad's place. There's so much stuff I can't fit them in to my cabinets. Instead they're just all over the floors... 

 Above my desk I have bookshelves. I can't throw away books either. That's why I mostly have silly books such as gossip girl from my youth.. These days I mostly lend books at the library. 

 My POP's and an important statement. Keeping it real and keeping it gangsta'. 

 My bed also functions as bag hanger (+ my christening dress from when I was little).
I love my window. It's big and the view over the park is magnificent! So that's my room. What do you think? 

Today I'm off to Myrorna (sort of like the Salvation Army) to hand over old things my mother has rinsed out (since I can't do it). This evening I'm going to the movies, I think..



Anonymous said...

really nice. i love your window! x d

Anonymous said...

Your room is so cool, I love white rooms! I also lend books more than buy them. I think it's useless if I read them only once. And I have much stuff in my room too, because I don't know how to organize it... Beautiful photos, Elsa!

Fanny said...

nej fuck you bitch som har andy warhol postern som är så snnnnnnnnygg

Nina said...

var det rummet vi var i när vi var hos dig? det ser så annorlunda ut, så det kanske inte var det.
Var har du köpt din taklampa?

Saving my dog said...

so nice! but I still fell like "does everyone have such order in there rooms?" Cause I certainly don't

Rebecca said...

himmel vad fint rum. jag vill flytta in där.

linnea h said...

superfint!!! sängen var ju bara lagom fantastisk sådär, tänk om man kunde köpa sånt på ikea hehe


Eva said...

I love your room. You can see you're really living in your room( i don't know how i can say this in proper english, hope You know what i mean;))

Anonymous said...

YOur roomns quite fantastic! Show us your other room at your dads!

Kylie said...

Wow, it doesn't even look like the same room any more! But I like it.

And who would through away their childhood stuffed animals?? Not me! I keep everythinggg


Anna said...

Jag känner igen dig så himla mycket och nu kom jag kanske på varför. Min bror är döv och går på en speciell skola, har du varit där på syskonveckan?

Alice&Elsa said...

Thank you everyone!
Nina: Nej, jag har gjort om! Jag vet inte var lampan är ifrån, mamma köpte den.
Anna: Jaha! Nej, min lillebror går i samma skola som jag och såvitt jag vet har jag inga syskon som går i en speciell skola. Kanske från en annan blogg eller något l'ger eller så?


Anonymous said...

hi i'm often reading your blogg and I wanted to ask you both, what do you want to do later in your life ?
cheers Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

hi i'm reading this blogg since ling now, and i wanted to ask you both (elsa and alice) : What do you want to do later in your lives ?
cheers !

anna said...

hah, okej. det var kanske en konstig fråga, men jag var bara tvungen att få veta om det var du . aja

georgia lilly said...

you have the BEST taste in music - sorry if this is stalker-ish but i subscribed to your playlist !

georgia lilly said...

oh i almost forgot - nice room ! my one at my dads is very different than at my mums ! its nice that way - you get variety !
also ... maybe listen to the maccabees - they are very english but very good - also caribou and medessa ! splendid ! oh and egyptian hip hop !

annie said...

I just found your bog through radarzine and I lOVE IT,
oh and wheres your watch from? its really nice :)

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