Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the oh so unclear future

my new bag, mom got it for me in LA... proenza schouler for opening ceremony.


hello, i am voldemort, kind of.

So, firstly: sorry for the bad updating from my side, i hope you all can understand me when i once again say that school (+ pony) is quite a lot to deal with right now. secondly: someone asked us about what we would like to do when we grow up. here is what elsa says about it. 
I am not sure of what I want to do later in life more than starting high school/gymnasium on the science program this fall. I am interested in quite a lot of things and would love to work either as an artist somehow, to be a scientist and do research on the human brain or write articles for a big magazine or my own books. There are so many exciting things to do! After I have graduated I want to move either to Tokyo or the United States. England or France are also quite tempting places to go to. There, I would like to study at a university (art/literature/medicine/architecture/something else). (And oh, I want to have a british shorthair cat with yellow eyes.)
I don't want to decide anything yet but I am looking forward to it.



Sara said...

that bag is incredible! What color is it?

Alice&Elsa said...

it's the brown one!

Anonymous said...

good luck in your career choices! i really like arts and science! those are my choices too :)if you're more into science you should try japan,japan is great place to live,it's clean and calm.i live in U.S and the most common professions here are Economy and Politics, you won't be able to make enough money if you're an artist, unfortunately . but anyways it only depends on you.
Good luck once again!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Is that yogurt and almonds? I too want to investigate the brain, it's such a mysterious and interesting organ(: And the human mind is definitely the only thing that scares and fascinates me at the same time. I think (and with this I mean that I am pretty sure) I will work (and study if possible) abroad as where I live in (Portugal) there is pretty much no financial support for investigation (and there are also no research centers dedicated to the brain/mind...). You should do more outfit posts and pictures of food, they are yummy! (whenever you can, of course!)

Alice&Elsa said...


Anonymous said...

alice you're so cool ! :) i really like your attitude.

Alice&Elsa said...

Hi Sílvia! Oh how nice to hear you're interested in the same thing as I am. I've never been to Portugal, guess it's really nice. And I can't wait to travel somewhere and study! tokyo, n.y., london, paris etc etc etc... Maybe we'll meet on a university in the future, haha! and yes, it's yoghurt + almons + raisins and yes we will, i like foodpictures and outfitpictures too!

Anonymous said...

You look terribly cute in the first picture(: (:

Alice&Elsa said...

thank you very much XXX

Anonymous said...

Oh believe me, it feels great to know that I am not the only one who is interested in such things! Portugal is kind of nice, especially in winter as it is very foggy and rainy (at least where I leave in). I too long to travel and be finally independent! I would like to live/study in London, Paris, Moscow, Sweden and I guess Tokyo (I heard it is a pretty cool city, you've been there, right?). And I want to own my own library, filled with antique and second-hand and new books.

johanna said...

men åh på väskan!

Anonymous said...


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