Monday, June 21, 2010


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I'm going away for camp during the following two weeks, will be back 3rd of July. I will have fun, I always do.

If you want to send me a letter or something (I like receiving letters when I'm at camp), the address is:
Elsa Bodin
KFUK/KFUM Ängsholmen
Boda Brygga
139 90 Värmdö

I don't think anyone will send me a letter, but Karin - there's the address.

See you when I get back! Alice will be back on the 3rd too.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back from france, new hairdo.

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Back from france with a tan and new haircolor (not...). Or well, the color around the face is new, I made it blonder since my cendre color made me look like an old lady (no joke.. it was grey or something..). Although the top picture of my old hair makes it look a bit more grey than it was. Oh well.. More pictures of my old hair here...

France was great yet a bit sad. You see, when I was born my grandfather bought this huge house in a place called Roquefort Les Pins and my mom and dad took their new born babygirl and an IKEA startpackage and went up there for about two months. Since then we've been there every summer and now the house is sold. I will never go there again. It may seem silly, crying over a house, but that house has represented my childhood and now I won't be able to go there again.

So the ride home was chaotic. I cried on the plane and then, since I get "plane-sick" I was about to throw up all the time until I fell asleep and fell down on the floor. Gosh, I hate flying..

How is your summer going?


Sunday, June 13, 2010


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hello you, so sorry for not updating, it has been quite a busy time! and im sadly telling you that im off to the confirmation-camp-kind-of-thing in the archipelago tomorrow with my dearest elsa, josephine and frida + some more girls. it'll be fun and learning and i hope it wont rain all of the time cus then we wont be able to swim! i'll be there for 3 weeks, which is a pretty long time i think. and sentimental as i am, i will miss my family, friends, pony, home, fun things, being able to sleep forever and ofcourse blogging. but i promise to update you as soon as i get back (july 3rd!). friday we had "graduation-sort-of-day-thing" and it was really sad and liberating and upsetting and they cried and people sang songs and we got our grades. well enough about that.
today i've competed with my pony and it went very well, even though it rained so much we got soaked to the skin. now i need to pack my things and then sleep so that im hopefully not dead tomorrow. have a great summer until we meet again! xx, a.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I got my summer-holiday yesterday, which was really melancholy - since my favorite teacher left. Anyway, I'm on vacation now, so.....
Bye bye peeps! I'm going to france, will be back in a week with a camera full of pictures and a belly full of pain au chocolate.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


(please do feel free too ignore me looking like a vampire with cramp. I have no idea what's wrong with me)

Okay, so are we going to talk about how extremely gorgeous Malfoy is in Harry Potter? I guess no one's ever noticed this. Neither have I up until now. Gosh. Cutest villain ever. I mean, Voldermort is okay (hehehehe, ugly ole' shmuck, who even plays that guy anyway?), but Malfoy is awesome and his voice makes you melt. I mean, yes he is mean to Harry and all. But he does look really good. (Me sounding exeptionally stupid. Hurray!).

Today I've done nothing. I mean nothing! I got some grades in school and then I went home. It was the strangest day- I don't even know why I went to school anyway. My life would be so much easier if I'd just avoided it.

Friday is graduation (not the real deal, for me, just some "goodbye see you after the holiday". next year is the real deal (not the real deal like "goodbye school forever", but pretty serious when it's like "goodbye groundschool forever").

(my humor lately, 02:44)


Monday, June 7, 2010


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this night I came back home from paris. it was great and the weather better than ever. we went to petit palais and saw the YSL-exhibition which was totally awesome! if you're heading to paris soon you need to go there.

today i need to write my last assignments for school and then it's finally over. on friday we quit and i can't wait! i love graduation-day or whatever you call it in english (skolavslutningar in swedish), most people wear pretty clothes and we sing in the big church and we eat strawberrycake together at the schoolyard and everyone's nervous when we get our grades and everyones releived and happy and sometimes it rains and sometimes we have picnik afterwards and this time i'll be at Elsas place and we will spend the evening with our laughing and crazy friends!

when do you guys quit school and what are you doing then?

xxx, Alice.

PS. Anyone knows anything about Mocambiques demography/population geography??? I will love you forever if you do DS.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

people are uncomfortable

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Yesterday my friend Constance had a girl's dinner and it was ALOT of fun. We played games and had delicious dinner and chips and almonds and punch and strawberries and panacotta (as dessert) and all that.

After that, Elsa stayed at my place. At first we walked around a bit in the city and then we went home and went to bed. I was tired so I slept a strange sleep (dreams. so weird...)

Today I've been at home in the beautiful weather, studying. I don't know if anything could make me more depressed. (something just did by the way, my brother just ate all the maryland cookies. AAARGH!!)

I've also been watching this really strange anime series lately. It's all in japanese which is really cool, but it's sort of strange, the content of the show that is. It's mostly about a girl who is totally obsessed with loosing her virginity. Hehe...


Friday, June 4, 2010

summer and roses and shorts (uncohesive post)

The top of my new American Apparel shortdress. (My sowing desk in the background).

My new shorts. I cut off som old pair of jeans.

My balcony yesterday. It was hot there!

I used to love outkast, so much! So I do know their longest song ever by heart...

hello gang!
Alice is in Paris now.
This is something that is so unfair, it makes me want to puke! I want to go to Paris too!

Anyway... today I hung out with Elsa and had a scone that was hard as a rock. Seriousely.. But we ate it anyway... It's strange what you do when you're hungry. All though, now my stomack is acting all weird..

Today we had a sex-test and I did really bad (being me). I got 40/56.. But the test was really hard. I mean, how am I supposed to know the period cykle? Right? But it's okay, I did well on my mathtest...

Tonight I'm going to go to my cousins graduation reception or whatever. He graduated today.

Now I'm making something nice...


Thursday, June 3, 2010


sheer cardigan: second hand in oslo. grey top (actually a grey long dress): myrornas. shorts: beyond retro. belt: mix second hand. shoes: h&m.

so here's my outfit today. hate the word outfit. blablabla.
today I went shopping with my mom and got disappointed in swedish designers. well. it's not their fault.

school is soon to be over. it is nice yet sad and i'll probably miss graduation which is even more sad. je deteste la. but well, there's nothing i can possibly ever do... is there now?

how are you and why are you not commenting?


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