Sunday, February 28, 2010

don't be a smartiepants.

So, I am now officially on vacation! It feels nice. Not having school. Today I'm doing some packing and cleaning my room - not that fab, I guess. Hopefully, everything will go completely smoothly. Sorry for all the boring images, my camera is not really functioning. Which blows for my upcoming ski-vacation. I love taking images while skiing, even though bringing my camera up in the mountains is really messy, it's worth it - the light is simply exquisite. It's weird that i'm traveling uplands, just for more snow - when there is so much snow here in Stockholm that it's killing me. I need summer - NOW!

Yesterday I went to Arvida's house to take some pictures and hang out, it was a lot of fun. She is a really nice person in general - with a lot of thoughts and such. So we talked and photographed and watched some really funny youtube videos.

Here's a videoblog about the pinkness.

Hope you are well.

ps. there is now a blog containing my shortstory! go to

Friday, February 26, 2010

no camera

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The images are old due to broken camera.

Tonight Josephine and I are having a little sleepover. Wohoooo! Next week is like.. sports vacation, i guess? Lots of fun anyway.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet with Arvida to take som picures. That will be fun, too!

And, today was a dramatic day. Don't want to talk more about it.

Happy weekend!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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All I have to say is... MY PINK HIGHLIGHTS ARE AWSOME!
There are so many things I can pair with this. Like, like, like - everything and anything would be g-o-u-r-g-e-o-u-s! Love Love Love it! A videopost about it is on it's way!

How are you, anyway?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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I just got home from school. I went 2 hours early due to stomachache and as you can see on the picture above I am really tired. Im sitting here thinking about unimportant things (got to use the not-in-school-time well...) Like, why's me tshirt baby pink when it used to be vanilla-icecream-colored? Someone must've put it in a pink wash or something... It looks nice though!

I recently read some pages in a book that I found in my parents library which is called "The Language of Birthdays". It's a big blue book where you can look up your birthday and read 2 pages about it. It says things like, good characteristics (strengths) that peple who where born on that day has and the same with weaknesses. It says which other star sign you "like"/fits with and then there's a big lot of text and text and text. The cool thing about it is that all of it makes sense/is true! Well, to me it does. You should read it. Everyone should. It's so cool. Oh, I sound like a real jerk... But still, if you'd like, tell me your birthday and i'll look it up for you!

Now I gotta go listen to Nouvelle Vague and think about foolish love and cafes. Later today me and elsa are going to artschool! I love it. XXX.

Monday, February 22, 2010

a swedish shortstory.

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Image by Hedda from this weekend at String.

I'm writing a short story. Since it's originally in swedish, I translated it in google translate, so the language sucks in the english version. So, the english version is below the swedish one.

Tomma, vita sidor i en svart hård bok. Den svarta boken var en dagbok. En dagbok hon hade fått av systern innan hon rymt till London.

"Här ska du skriva om din ungdom" hade hon sagt, "här ska du skriva om kyssar och folköl".

Det hade hon inte gjort, för hon hade ju aldrig druckit folköl. Ännu mindre hade hon kysst någon.


Första gången han talade till henne var på en torsdag. Alla flickorna i klassen hade gjort sig till när han kom gåendes i korridoren. Sträckt på sig, putat ut med sina nya fina bröst och försökt se oberörda ut. Själv hade hon stått kvar med skolböckerna framför brösten, som inte fanns. Istället hade hon fokuserat blicken på de ord som stod skrivna på väggen. Ord om kärlek och hat. Själsord som gav henne rysningar och citat ur Beatles låtar. "I wanna' hold your hand" "Remember to let her under your skin". Hon hade önskat att hon förstod de fina orden, men hur hon än försökt - hade hon inte förstått dem. Hon hade skyllt på att hon var okysst.

Senare skulle hon förstå de där orden, han skulle hjälpa henne. Men idag var första gången han talade till henne.

"Ursäkta mig?" hade han sagt.

Hon hade inte reagerat, varför skulle han ha talat till henne?

"Ursäkta mig?" sa han igen. Denna gång lite högre.

Hon hade flyttat på sig, hon stod väl framför hans skåp.

"Oj, förlåt!" hade hon sagt. "Jag visste inte att det var ditt skåp".

"Det är det inte heller"

"Jaha, okej.."

Hon hade inte förstått vad han ville henne; Skulle han börja reta henne nu? Släpa med henne till toaletten och trycka ner hennes huvud i toaletten?

Det hade han inte gjort. Istället hade han sagt;

"Vad heter du?"

Hon hade undrat varför han undrade. Hon hade svarat i alla fall;


"Jenny?" hade han sagt. Som om han inte hade hört.


"Okej, tack så mycket" hade han sagt. Sen gick han.

Efter det hade alla flickor i klassen svärmats runt henne. "Vad ville han Jenny?" hade de tänkt. "Som bin kring honung" hade hon tänkt.

Nästa gång han talade till henne var på en tisdag. Han hade kommit fram till henne när hon stod vid skåpet och sa;

"Vill du gå på bio med mig på fredag?" hade han sagt med självsäker röst.

Som om det var så självklart att han skulle fråga henne om det.

"Okej" hade hon sagt.

Den fredagen hade de gått på bio. Hon hade inte berättat för någon. Vem skulle hon berätta för? Hon hade inte så många vänner, egentligen hade hon inga vänner. Det fanns några flickor i klassen som hon umgicks med, men de var inte särskilt nära. De visste ingenting om henne, trots att de hade försökt komma nära inpå flera gånger. Frågat; "Ska vi ta en fika efter skolan? Jag har pannkakor hemma!" Varje gång hade hon sagt att hon var tvungen att gå ut med hunden, trots att hon inte hade någon hund. Hon hade ingen anledning till varför hon sagt så. Kanske var det för att hon inte ville släppa någon nära inpå. Hon ville inte att folk skulle få veta vad hon tänkte på. Vad hon skrev i sin dagbok om kvällarna. Om sin avundsjuka och sin sorg. Avundsjuk för att hon inte fick vara som de andra fjortonåringarna samtidigt som hon var sorgsen för att hon var avundsjuk.

När filmen var slut hade de gått ut.

"Röker du?" hade han sagt och tagit upp ett cigarettpaket ur fickan.

"Nä, egentligen inte"

"Bra, inte jag heller" han hade lagt ner cigarettpaketet i fickan och log.

English (Folköl = Beer)
Blank white pages in a hard black book. The black book was a diary. A diary she had received from her sister before she ran away to London.
"Here you should write about your youth", she said, "here, you should write about kissing and beer".
That she had not done, for she had never drunk folköl. Still less had she kissed someone.


The first time he spoke to her was on a Thursday. All the girls in the class had committed to when he was walking along the corridor. Stretching, putat out with their new beautiful breasts and tried to look unmoved. She had been left with school books in front of her breasts, which did not exist. Instead, she focused her eyes on the words that were written on the wall. Words of love and hatred. Själsord who gave her chills and quotes from Beatles songs. "I want to 'hold your hand" "Remember to let her under your skin". She wished she knew the nice words, but how she tried - she had not understood them. She had blamed that she was okysst.
Later, she would understand those words, he would help her. But today was the first time he spoke to her.

"Excuse me?" he said.
She had not responded, why should he have spoken to her?
"Excuse me?" he said again. This time a bit higher.
She had moved on it, she was well in front of his locker.
"Oops, sorry!" she said. "I did not know it was your locker."
"It is not"
"Well, okay .."
She had not understood what he wanted her, he would start teasing her now? Drag her to the toilet and pushing down on her head in the toilet?
He had not done. Instead, he had said;
"What's your name?"
She had wondered why he wondered. She had responded in all cases;
"Jenny?" he said. As if he had not heard.
"Okay, thank you very much" he said. Then he went.
After it had all the girls in the class swear attention around her. "What did he Jenny?" they had thought. "As bees around honey," she thought.

The next time he spoke to her was on a Tuesday. He had come to her when she was standing at the cupboard and said;
"Want to go to the movies with me on Friday?" he said with self-assured voice.
As if that were so obvious that he would ask her about it.
"Okay," she said.

On Friday, they had gone to the movies. She had not told anyone. Who could she tell? She did not have so many friends, in fact, she had no friends. There were no girls in class that she socialized with, but they were not particularly close. They knew nothing about her, even though they had tried to get close to several times. Asked, "Shall we take a snack after school?" I have pancakes at home! " Every time she said that she had to go out with the dog, although she did not have a dog. She had no reason why she said so. Perhaps it was because she did not want to let someone close. She did not want people to know what she was thinking. As she wrote in her diary in the evening. If her jealousy and her grief. Jealous because she could not be like the other fourteen year olds while she was sad because she was jealous.

When the movie was over they had gone out.
"Do you smoke?" he had said and took up a cigarette packet from his pocket.
"Nah, not really"
"Good, neither am I" he had put a cigarette package in his pocket and smiled.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


nonsens from Alice Eriksson on Vimeo.

hey people,
i've been hanging out with elsa, alma & hedda today. we went to the cinema and watched valentines day. the movie was pretty predictable but yet nice. if you like roses and kind of not-original lovestorys you should go see it. afterwards we went to a cafe to drink some coffee and hot chocolate. we had a great time, although we nearly got frozen to death. x.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


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Image Hosted by pictures from scenes of my room.

Today I went and bought a pair of stockings and socks from Sonia Rykiel pour H&M. I also bought a skirt. I went there with Hedda and since we didn't want to miss all the good stuff, we were there early. And let me tell you a little something - IT WAS CRAZY! All these boring people in their boring clothes were pushing each other (one of them actually hit me), grabbed as much as they could carry and just went bananas. There were also reporters there. American reporters! Why were they there, is what I wonder... Anyways, it was a bananad experience.

After that we went to have brunch at café String. It was delicious. After that we went to Stockholms Stadsmission to look at clothes. I bought a grey polo (for like 20 kronor - aka 2 dollars). It was a really fun day and Hedda is nice nice nice.

This evening my mother is hosting a dinner party. She is running around in the apartment with curlers in her hair while cooking. This is only funny when I tell you that she is a workaholic, aka, she usually doesn't host these dinner party's on her own. Well, I guess I will have to help sooner or later.

Happy weekend!


Friday, February 19, 2010

hearts united

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ph 2 me 1,3,4 alma

hey guys, today i have

- listened to cocorosie with very high volume trying to shut out the rest of the world

- met elsa for 5 minutes who were about to audition for a commercial

- notised that the lady in the candy shop is sick ( she has a dog named pigglo!)

me, elsa, alma and hedda where going to the movies today but we had to cancel it. sad!

xxxx alice

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What good will come with this?

I'm still sick. Still tired. Still waiting.

Don't know what I'm waiting for. A special phone call, email, letter, person. Whatever.

I saw that you liked the videoblog, so I made another one. This is not a videoblog. Just something I made to get out of studying for my science test tomorrow.

I love you guys, but you really suck at commenting. Is it because you don't find our blog interesting or a malfunction of any kind?

I just received a weird phonecall. From grandiosa pizza, who wants me to be in one of their commercials. This is the weirdest ever. Need to call my mom.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

people are strange when you're alone.

this feels so silly. but it is a video blog. i mean, it's not while it is. not that exciting.

i told you about my day in the video so i wont tell you here.

i think i'm sick. i don't think i'll be able to go to school tomorrow either, which really blows.

how are you?


Sunday, February 14, 2010


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Hey guys. Last night i went to a valentines day party together with elsa. it was okay, i was pretty tired, so i wasn't super excited. everyone else had alot of fun, so it was a very succsessful party. happy valentinesday guys!

we got tagged by the one and only coonbear the other day. i like questions, so i'll awnser them!

favorite band/artist:
lykke li/of montreal/mgmt/fleetwood mac/regina spektor/ted gärdestad/owl city/name the pet/markus krunegård/simon & garfunkel/imogen heap/the beatles/bon iver/håkan hellström/the passion pit/the gossip/empire of the sun

favorite song (all time favorite):
little bit - lykke li/little lies - fleetwood mac/electric feel - mgmt/hotel song & samson - regina spektor/come give me love - ted gärdestad/jag är en vampyr - markus krunegård/fireflies - owl city/get on the bus - name the pet/the boxer - simon & garfunkel/hide&seek - imogen heap/skinny love - bon iver/en vän med en bil - håkan hellström/jealous girls - the gossip/sleepyhead - the passion pit/we are the people - empire of the sun/mgmt - kids

favorite video:
tik tok - ke$ha/we are the people - empire of the sun/pumpkin soup - kate nash/burial - miike snow/little bit - lykke li/fireflies - owl city/get on the bus - name the pet/kids - mgmt/single ladies - beyoncé/animal - miike snow

favorite movie:
le fableux destin d'amelie poulain/the black balloon/the dreamers/where the wild things are/the harry potter movies/juno/nick and norahs infinite playlist/500 days of summer/factory girl/a swedish love story/the boat that rocked/beetlejuice/twilight

favorite designer/label:
acne/alexander mcqueen/chanel/sonia rykiel/weekday/h&m/marc jacobs/carin wester/miumiu/minimarket/comme des garcons/proenza schouler/anne-sofie back/american apparel

favorite tv show:
desperate housewifes/top model/project runway/gossip girl/how i met your mother/family guy/creep school

favorite style icon (people with style):
Miriam Assai/people on facehunter/Filippa Berg/Arvida Byström/Tavi/Almah

Favorite city/country
Stockholm/Paris/Tokyo/New York/Berlin

Favorite moment ever:
Popaganda 2009/Ängsholmen 2009/my teaparty/Josephines dinner/the first time i met lovisa/when i went to alices summerhouse this summer/at my countryhouse this summer/the first time i met karin/the time when elsa, alice and i slept over at alice's house.

i would like to see some lists from:


Saturday, February 13, 2010

vicks honey fresh

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i am doing nothing at a saturday night. 
feels like... not very exciting.
i wore a white shirt today.
and tomorrow it's valentines day.

i've been acting cow boy today.
a big white horse ran away so 
i had to go after it in full gallop
and managed to catch it.
after a few million kilometers...

HAHA. wild and crazy. very.




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sorry about the wierd images.. no inspiration what so ever.

hey people, friends and prettytypes!
yesterday i went to an awsome dinner where i laughed so much that my stomack actually hurts. tonight, i'm going to a valentines day party at my friend petras house. i'm bringing my friend elsa. you might find it confusing, that i have a friend named elsa (which is my name) but it is like this. her parents thought that i was so awsome, that they named their firtst-bourn child after me. it really is an honor.

no, it's not like that (although i wish it is). but all and all i'm bringing my friend elsa as my date to the valentines day party. she is beautiful, so who is to bully me about it?

another thing, that people has questioned me alot about lately, is about my "boobs" (we know they're not that, but let's suppose they are). yes, my boobs are small (non existant) and no, i don't think it's a problem. i like not having to use a bra, or worrying about looking slutish if my cleevedge is to deep. i really don't care. last year, it was all i ever thought about. it was like i was waiting for a train, looking at my watch thinking "when will they arrive?!". but now, i am in full acceptance of it, so stop asking.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

r.i.p alexander mc queen.

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i bought this dress today at Stockholms Stadsmission.

Too soon, at only 40 years old Alexander McQueen has comitted suicide. There is nothing good to come to this. I'm so sad right now.

This rewined such a good day. Hedda and I went shopping. I bought a dress and we had so much fun! She is sooo nice!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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pictures 1&3, me on a saturday morning. one of you beautiful readers asked me to post a picture of me with my hair down. there it is! picture 2: a painting i have in my room (which i love) and some bags. that acne dustbag contains quite the surprise.. *drumroll*. picture 4; my lovely acne dress and a scarf that julia's forgotten here. i don't know why it's still there, i've never used it...

the title is one of my favorite words in french. not because it means hair, i mean - i love hair - but that's not it. i just like the way it sounds when you say it. try it; cheveaux. it's not pronounced the way it's spelled. but if you know french, think about it for a while.

today i went home from school due to headache. so now, i'm thinking about eating lunch. or no, i'm thinking about what to eat for lunch. my dad is really bad at grocerystore-shopping, so i'll have to go to the grocerystore, i think.

tomorrow i'm going to meet hedda, a girl who i haven't seen in forever. we danced together two years ago, but after that i haven't seen her. so, tomorrow i'm going to meet her. i'm a bit nervous. just because i haven't seen her for so long. i'm a nervous person. that's all.

listen to this while saying cheveaux. amaxingly amazing.


Sunday, February 7, 2010


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feeling lost. not lost, but tired. i just noticed that i look like an elf in profile. interesting. also, what the forbidden word is wrong with my eyebrows? conclusion: i am a werewolfelf. night.

Friday, February 5, 2010


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Pictures of me from yesterday. I wore a tulle skirt, paul&joe blouse, vintage belt and sweater.

I'm tired, tired, tired. I'm bidding on a blouse on tradera and dinner is not ready yet. It's nine o'clock which is way to late for me to eat dinner. Falling asleep...

Today I went shopping with Josephine and Constance, they have such beautiful names, don't you think? We had a really nice time and Constance and laughed until we almost wet our pants. So, today was a really nice day. I have absolutely no idea if what I'm going to do tomorrow. Any suggestions?

I don't like lookbook too much right now. It's just not inspiring. Everything looks almost the same to me. I used to love lookbook, but now it's just...nothingness.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

kors i taket.

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HELLO GUYS! This post is written the day before you read it. Yes, it is a scheduled post. My first one ever. Cool. Anyway.

The images are a cozy sunday in my room and my new (old) earring. I used to wear it when I was right about six years old and I found it again the day before yesterday! Guess IF I was happy?

Yesterday was the finale in Paradise Hotel. Did any of you swedish folks watch it? As I write this post, I do not know the winner, but when it's posted (tomorrow wednesday) I do!

två viljor har mitt sinn

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don't ask  about those pictures.

Hi. Yesterday we (me and elsa) went on a schooltrip to a place where you can ski called 

Later in the evening we were about to go to the cheap monday fashion show but both of us were

faar to tired to go so we didn't. I'm listening to Kings of Convenience while trying to get myself 

to study. In vain. I wonder, how many of you speaks swedish?  x

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