Sunday, January 23, 2011

elsa has a dinner

 Last night one of the greatest friends Elsa had a dinner party. It looked like this: 
 Constance (taller) and Ellinor (shorter)
 Katinka and Alice (who cut her hair!!! so zweeet!!!)
 Katja has cut her hair to! So zweeet!!! 
 We had awesome food. It was bread and chicken and bulgur and chevre and a lot of other things I don't know the english names of...
 Julia & Constance


 <3 Josephine on top
 Elsa and Elsa
 Alice and Katinka

 Me again

 <3 Julia
 Isabelle, SO CUTE! 
 It really is quite annoying when all your friends look like (and are) models... 
 As said above...
 As said above...
 As said above...

 Everyone there had like super advanced cameras...
 I was really tired so I clocked out quite early, a.k.a. I was ultra super extra tired. 
 Elsa my lovelovelovelove
 Elin, Alice and Josephine
Elsa and Constance

Today I was supposed to go to my friends fleamarket but she is sick so I'm just going to stay home instead. I'll make frozen yoghurt and bake something. Perhaps brownies? Well something we have the ingrediants for because I'm not in the mood to go to the market. 



Anonymous said...

is josephine a model now ?
I find swedish girls really look, i mean, here, we don't make this kind of girls dinner, and you're all well dressed, and beautiful, so girly, you don't seems to be rude girls, if you see what i mean :)

Alice&Elsa said...

no she's not. she is about 10 cm too short, unfortunately. but the other ones, julia and elsa are!

well, i don't think girls dinners are that common in sweden either. it's just us who have plenty of them i guess. we are close so we like to get together. well, people do dress up a lot, actually. i don't know why but i guess it's because we feel really small again, like little kidz.

i don't really post pictures of when i go to actual parties, mainly because i don't think it'd be ultra swell if my parents saw those images..

well, eh we're not that rude i guess.

Anonymous said...

you all are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

what kind of party's do you go to elsa :) ?
A lot of people show their pictures from partys, with alcohol, cigarettes and stuff, is it because you dont want your parents to see that ? I think you're right :)
Alice seems to be more shy than you :)

bea said...

lovely photos!
yes you see this is different from my culture but it seems lovely!
would you do a post on your everyday lives so i can understand what your lives in sweden are like?


shae said...

ahhhhh I love this blog so much. It's so inspiring! you guys are so cool...

Lili said...

Vous êtes toutes très élégantes ! Ca me donne envie de faire une soirée comme celle que vous faites.

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