Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Loads of images of today. Me, Alice, Julia, Elin and Josephine. Took forever to load! 

Today I've studied, worked, chilledddd in the sun, planned fun for friday and eaten oranges. How are you? What have you done? 


Monday, March 28, 2011

sun is shining

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The sun is shining. School is not busy. I have money in my account. My friends are nice. I have new glasses (the ones in the picture UO). My legs hurt so much I can barely walk. But things are great, as you may see. I had a lovely weekend (dinnerparties x two) and for once the universe is working for me.

How was your weekend? 


Thursday, March 24, 2011

the sun is shining every day

art in the slope

Hey y'all.
I hope you're all good.  I know that i haven't been blogging for a loooong freakin time and I am truly sorry. The truth is that school + showjumping competitions every week + both of my cameras broak = no time or motivation for blogging. Fortunately I have a very driven blogging-partner!

Yesterday I went for a ride by the woods with Oscar and his horse Luxor. It was extremely windy but very nice. Today after school I hung out with Elsa for half an hour and then met my mother up for meeting (individual development-talk) with my mentor. Afterwards I went home, ate some fruit and yoghurt, studied french and economics for a while and now I'm going to make some jasmine tea + study biology. I know, my life today sounds splendid and lovely in every way (not) but these things are actually quite interesting sometimes. Enough of that now, have a cozy evening.

By the way, the photos were taken by me during a trip to Austria a couple of weeks ago. And for those of you who tend to ask me about my cameras: these were taken with a Canon G12 (awesome camera).


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 Julia on the schoolyard in the lovely and warming spring sun.
 Elsa and Constance

Yesterday I wore that black dress with flowers from Stadsmissionen (thrift shop in Stockholm). My mom and I went shopping and I got two pair of shoes (below) two pair of jeans, one sweater, a dress and jogging shoes. After that we went to Papa's which is a lovely lovely lovely Italian restaurant. It feels like you are in italy. They play italian music, serve italian food, the waitors are italian, there are pictures of italian people on the walls and when you go into the bathroom they either play music from some old italian movie or sounds from an old italian boxing -or football game. It's italian. 

 As of right now I am reading Vogue Paris, BON and POP!, at the same time... I like to do that, don't know why. 

Here come the shoes:
 One pair of green/grey/blue-ish 3 hole Dr. Martens. I needed lighter more spring-y shoes. 

 One pair of black, low rise Dr. Martens, with a buckle. I normally don't like buckles, but on these ones I do. They make me feel like a cartoon character. These images make the shoes look a bit ugly, though. They are much prettier in reality. If you ever happen to see me come up to me and I'll show you. 

How are you all? (see I'm blogging more)


Monday, March 21, 2011



 Took the camera to school, for the first time in some time. This is Isabelle, Josephine, Julia and Elsa, before and after school.

 After school, I met up with Karin. The winter had returned so we sat at LouieLouie for several hours. After that we took a walk and peeked in some stores.

 In the evening I looked like this. I was supposed to go out but then I didn't feel like it, so I stayed at home and slept. I've been really tired lately. Constantly going home and staying home from school.

On saturday I was supposed to go shopping with my mother. But, since my stepdad was in town for the weekend and he hates shopping, we went for a walk instead. Before the walk we had asian brunch at Bern's. Yummy in my tummy. 

On sunday I had a little fleamarket/cake and tea in my room. Some of my friends came and bought old stuff I no longer use and then stayed and talked and drank tea/coffee and it was cozy and nice!

Not so many comments lately. How are you? Why are you not commenting? How was your weekend?


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