Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

750kr for a pair? I don't think so sir.

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So, this weekend I went to the vintage market with Lovisa and bought awesome shoes (for 1,50 dollars, I must add). There was these other pair of shoes, but they were 750kr, so I said: No thank you, and later on cried a bit.

But no worries. It was a good day. Lovisa bought a nice plysch sweater. It was a nice color with her hair (I love her hair). Tomorrow I'm meeting Karin and my pen/facebook/blogg pal Emma! So super duper excited.

Today I had this talk with my teacher, who said I have the best grades he's ever seen in eighth grade. So I got home and told one of my best friends Elin about it. Turns out he'd said the exact same things to her. And I went from feeling superspecial to feeling, well, superaverege. But we pretty much have the same grades, so no wonder.. Well, well.

Now I'm studying this stupid NO thing that I'm not going to be able to finish on time. Bugger.


ps. All images are taken by Lovisa. ds.

Monday, March 29, 2010

spotty lionkid

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i'm sick, pretending i'm a lion. on thursday springbreak starts and that's high awesomeness.

::: ofcourse, it's a leopardcoat, I'm a little bit stupid, but hey, let's say i'm a spotty lion!?:::

Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's all peetchy-keens and rainbows.

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here are some images i just took. not that nice. sorry. i'm sick. today my class went to court (to watch a trial) - it was exciting yet sad. i'm pretty empty of words now..

BUT EMMA IS COMING TO STOCKHOLM! Do you know how happy I am? Oh, my dearest Emma! I'm so excited. It'll be awesome. It will be awe-someeee!

You people are great! Thank you for reading our blog!

xxxx .e.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i've been drawing

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ph:me 1. elsa 2.drawing of flash 3.golden glitter 4.strawberrytea 6.jellybeans 7.a drawing

today at artschool we had croquis. i'll show you the result soon. alice.

Monday, March 22, 2010


So, someone asked for videos, here are some videos.
The first video is of my BEAUTIFUL friend josephine (yes josephine, I posted the video here - that's what you get when you film yourself in my photobooth). But she is only joking (dah!) and well, she is like that almost all the time. I love her!
The second video is me. It's not that fun. The song is pumpkinsoup by Kate Nash. I did it in iMovie. Any questions?

Today I've been working. De nada. Pretty fun. They gave me money and I cooked some.. The kids are extreeemely beautiful with blonde curly hair and huuge blue eyes. I wish i looked like that!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

better together

after several hours of dancing...














beautiful girls. .a.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

trouble is a foe, no matter where you go (oh,oh)

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The images are old and not way too fresh but pretty okay. I miss my pink hair.
I'm in a huge fight with my family, which makes me want to run away to paris. I wish I had the money...

Sorry for the not so frequent updates during the week. I've been studying. But on saturday, there is a big partypost coming, I thought I could take some pictures, for once, of when I'm away at a party (it's a dinner, but it's a birthdaydinner, and i will dance. and if i dance, it's a party), but it'll be fun.

I miss the summer. I need summer. RIGHT NOW! I mean, if it was summer right now, I could run away from my family and live in a park for a while. But it isn't summer - and if I were to sleep in a park, I would freeze to death - seriousely.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

pure premium

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Hey. How are you today? I am in school having swedish and it's b-o-ring. im happy cause i'm going to new york in april with my mother. today is a stupid studyday. Im out of inspiration, see you later. X.A.

Monday, March 15, 2010


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So, I'm starting this project...
And I need you! (if you live in Stockholm).

It's like this. I always want to take photographs of people, but none of my friends wants me to take photos of them. So, if you live in sweden, and would like to be photographed by me, email me at
The email must contain name, age, size and some images of you (face + full body). Preferably while not wearing makeup.

How are you guys anyway? I know it's been pretty quiet here during the last few days, sorry!


Friday, March 12, 2010


You wanted a video, you're getting a video. Sorry for the strangeness. We are a bit tired...


.e. & .a.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

new york, new york.

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Wearing top from h&m, skirt + belt second hand.

Tonight I've been studying, eating sandwitches and... studied. I really don't like studying! Not right now.

Anyway, I've been thinking alot about fashion lately. Balmain especially. I must say, that this seasons collection is really un-innovative. Again, with the shoulders! I didn't like it the first time, so I like it ever less now. So un-awsome! I did like Proenza though.... and all those other people who rule the world (not you, Balmain):

So, someone asked how much my Acne dress is. It is about 200 dollars, I think.

That's that. Good night!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Desperate for an icecube

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this is how I look when I'm bored--

What are you up to? I'm in big need of an icecube but they're in the fridge and not frozen yet. Oh... School was pretty cool today cause we had like "free-time" when you study on your own and since I'd already finished my essay I read blogs and checked out pictures of candy and puppies on google instead... Our teacher (who's very very nice and friendly) had clothes that reminded me of a bumble bee today. Black and yellow. By the way, we have read all your comments on the last post, about what you'd like to see more of in the blog and that is real niceness to us! Keep telling us what you'd like so that we can improve it all the time! We will do our best. Another question: How do you like videos? Is it just annoying or should we do them more often, like maybe once a week, or more? Or never? Thanks for being nice, X.

Monday, March 8, 2010


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If you for some reason happened to see me today, you would have seen me in these clothes î, only with a chunky old sweater and a big fur over it, paired with Dr. Martins. You would see me in these clothes, walking around town window-shopping, eating candy and looking quite worried. Worried over that instead of staying at home studying to the up-coming swedish test, she was out window shopping for hats. Not a good idea.

So now I'm at home, studying and eating broccoli. Good for the brain.

How are you folks? Is there anything you are missing in our blog? Something you would like to see more of? Tell me!


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