Monday, September 28, 2009

crying out for attention

This is a happy day! Even though I've broken up with my so-called boyfriend, and I haven't done my french homework, or the so very difficult guitar homework, and I'm a bit sick, and Anna Anka is on tv, and my clock is out of function. But still, I'm happy, and it's a nice feeling. Today me, elsa and our friend Alex "won" the orientation (is that the word? no?) at gymnastics, yay. And tomorrow we're going to record some songs at my place, and it'll be so fun! Elsa's the singer, I'm playing the piano, and Alex's on guitar. And, this weekend I'm getting those so very long wanted Doctor Martens from my lovely mother.. and that's, pretty yay-ish too! Now: Need to practice 'Kids' by MGMT on the piano, for tomorrow! XXX.a

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Johanna said...

åh vilken fin bild!

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