Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm out of candy and i'm drowning in science and lykke li.

I'm sitting here in my new fake fur (trying to get comfort from something) listening to lykke li and dreaming about a day without school. Oh, when will it come? Let's just say that science is not my cup of tea.


Marina said...

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Jowy said...

Lykke li, hell yezzz! love to see ya fake furcoat though!

One Love,

E M M A said...

Sience is so boring! Try to focus on it now, but dissapair at Facebook and my iPod all the time :) lykke li is super<3

Sena said...

i dream about a day without school too. but i just have to go to school until may =) i just can't wait to sleep until 11 am at weekdays =D

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