Sunday, September 27, 2009

flowers, sundays and broken sunglasses.

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oh, how tired am i? you don't know, i'm telling you.
anyway. my day is already rewined, since in sweden it's already 1:15 pm. I was going to see alice today, but know I don't really know about that. i'll probably just clean my room, shower and work on this project in school. why did I take on that assignment? i do regret it. wellwell.
soo, pictures of what i bought yesterday. the flowery dress is going to be waaaay shorter though.
they are all from a second hand shop called påkläderiet in sofo at söder.


E M M A said...

that black dress! i want it!

anyway, thanks for being a fan of my blog<3

lovisa said...

najs bajs <3

Sophie said...

i really loooove your new things

Sophie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sophie Linnemann said...

i really loooove your new things!!!

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