Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alice who? Alice in the wonderland of course!

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pic: dolly daydreams.
hello everyone. Hello boys and girls and ladies and gentlemen.
I went home from school because I felt really sick. I mean, sick!
So, I went home and here I am now. Dreaming about a world where
Mickey Mouse is the leading man and I can walk around like Alice in
the wonderland all day, just dreaming you know? Oh, you all know
that I'm talking about Disneyland. I think I'll move there when I'm
old enough. Oh, wouldnt that be just - divine? Bambi and I would be
best friends and we would drink tea all day and dance all night. Yes,
I think that would be nice. Dont you? Anyway - I was going to do this
modeling job for this girl, but it seems like I'm not going to do that now.
Too bad, I was sort of excited about it. Anyway, who in sweden is going
to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight? I know I am! Oh, I'm such a geek...
Guys, guys, comment more! I liked it when you did that more - go on!


Sophie said...

I always think that your life sound so fun. i dont know why, maybe there is just more fun i stockholm than copenhagen? sometimes i wish to live in stockholm. the city is so beautiful!!

Sophie said...
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