Saturday, October 10, 2009

faux and fault and oh, i want christmas.

rockabilly creepers Pictures, Images and Photos

soon to be mine! but,oh, only one of them. either these - or the same ones but in all black.
what do you guys think? (sorry that the pictures are bad, but yknow the internet!) i found these babys by googeling rockabilly creepers. do it u to! i mean, they're gourgeus! there are one pair that's grey and black from freepeople, but as it is now, they're out of stock, but they'll probably be in again soon! aah, now i don't know which ones to buy. because it's these or a pair of red dr martens air wair and they're like 6 dollars (!!). well, maybe even both! haha.


Anonymous said...

Ooh nice! Get the leopard one (: whr r they from if you don't mind sharing!

Anonymous said...

Jag kan inte fatta att du som har en sån snygg stil tycker att dom här e snygga.För förlåt, men dom e så jävla fula! puss o kram

Julia said...

Do you know what brand the grey and black ones are in the picture? Free people doesn't have them anymore and I want to try and find them!!

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