Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello A

hahahaha det är så kul att följa er blogg för ni är så efter förlåt men tex dessa skor upptäcker ni nu och samma sak med DM och MGMT lyssnade jag på för 3 år sedan och la roux, nu hahah det är ganska gullit men det är väl tur att inte alla upptäcker allt för tidigt då skulle det inte vara så kul att ha skorna eftersom alla andra har dem då. Enligt mig så har ni svensk bloggar stil och estetisk stil som är = FULT och att ni fikar på string gör allt bara roligare fortsätt BLOGGA !!! :D

nej men oj vad hände här då ra?!?! det var en tråkig video! ni verkar inte särskilt roliga om jag får säga det själv. ni försöker ha egen stil vilket inte fungerar men ni får i alla fall till "estetiska bloggstilen" men det är det ni vill vara också hoppas jag annars borde ni vara extremt missnöjda.

Okay, all you "i dont speak swedish people out there". here's a good example of a funny comment. somebody's saying that we're ugly and after because we didn't listen to mgmt and la roux three years ago and that the creepers that I wan't are out.
So, to this anonymous person, I say - why do you spend your time writing these comments to us? Don't you have a life? And, I know that "anonymous" is sitting at home right now saying:
"Well, if you don't care - why are you writing this?!"
And, we care but at the same time we don't. So, now I'm going to awnser your comments, Anonymous. About all that "why didn't you listen to this and that music three years ago?" - I say: We don't listen to music that other people listen to at the time, just beacause other people do. We just love music, and that's all there's to it. I've been listening to MGMT for years - but why do you care when we listen to what type of music?
And to all that "you're after because you want creepers now" - I've wanted a pair of creepers for like two years now - but it's not until now I've found a pair that I can afford (I mean, even though I wished I was the richest person on earth, I'm not..) and that made me happy, so I posted it. And all that: "Oh, here's a funny video, NOT!" - we were'nt trying to make a funny video, we were just trying to make a videoblog, but after a while - it just freaked out - and after that, I posted the video. I thought, hey, maybe our readers want to get to know us better.
And also, do you not stand for what you say, Anonymous? Because, if you did - you'd tell us your real name. Please Anonymous, stop sending us these comments? Now we know how you feel and we've awnsered your questions, so there really is no need to post stuff like this again, allthough - it is sort of funny.
But all you nice people out there - keep posting comments, it makes us happy! (It really does, I swear - we sort of, well you know - love you guys.. or - sort of)

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.h.J said...

dont worry, i find you interesting! i love reading your blog! :) i never understand why people leave negative comments, if they dont have anything nice to say there's no point bothering atall. you dont write it for them.

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