Friday, October 9, 2009

helloooo humans - i am your friend.

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pic; what I wore this evening - my brothers shirt, ralph lauren. fuzzy tee, myrornas and tights from h&m.

soo, friday night ecuals idol, ben & jerry, popcorns, julia. FUNFUNFUN. now, tired - going to bed. yes, I'm super duper lame - i know. but tomorrow is a day of new adventures (cleaning the apartment and hanging out with Nanna).


PS. I LOVE THAT YOU GUYS COMMENT MORE NOW - KEEP IT UP! And i've been checking out the blogs that comments and follows us - and we have the cooolest people who reads our blog. I'm way happy, you guys!


Anonymous said...

heeey! love you blog! it's so cute how you speak english in your vlog! i like your accent.. and i'm impressed how good your english is. :)

Marina said...

Your hair is beutiful...

Scout said...

Är du modell? Hur gammal ärd u?
Otroligt vacker och unika drag

I Love Fashion Pastry said...

Hej scout! Nej, inte riktigt - jag gör lite jobb ibland men jag är inte med i en agentur just nu. Jag är fjorton år. Åh, men tack så mycket! Vad glad ja blir!

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