Thursday, October 1, 2009

it's about the process, not the product.

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a couple of pictures of what i wore today. shoes, påkläderiet. dress, marc jacobs. stockings, h&m

today, I wanted to stir things up a little bit. so, i hung out with my beautiful indiefellow josephine. she had a cup of coffee and i had a cup of tea at louielouie. it was fun. after that, josephine went on and got herself a fake fur. i just happened to find it beautiful.
right now, i'm listening to the song pizza by adiam dymott and dreaming about having a name like flora, vera or coraline, walking around in a sheer lace dress just going with it.
i can do the last (next summer - i mean, a sheer lace dress, in this rainy weather...BRR!) but i would have to change my name for the first to happen. i sort of like the name elsa - wich is my name, if you ever wondered - so i don't want to swich names, but it's nice to think of yourself in another name sometimes. just going with it, i can't right now. or well... i can RIGHT NOW, but not as much as i would wish i could. with all the studies and yadayadayada, nothing is really that easygoing right now. allthough, i'm having alot of fun.
for some odd reason, i lost my cameracharger today (found it in my lingeriebox - don't ask why) so there were no time to take much pictures before it died.
wow, this is probably the longest text i've ever written in my blog - haha!


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hanna said...

Du är så fruktansvärt snygg flicka!

Ellla said...

what's louielouie?


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