Friday, October 23, 2009

lost in translation

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It's time for the fashionpastry duo to leave stockholm. Alice is leaving for Tokyo and allthough I wish she would pack me in one of her bags, she won't. Instead, I'm leaving for south of sweden. In my language that is Grandma, Grandpa, flea markets, sowing, boardgames, sleeping, rain (probably) and all those things. It's really cozy there. I don't swear to blog everyday - but I swear to try. All for you, lovely ones! No, but seriousely - I'll try. The pictures where taken in a museum last week. Alex took them and they are pretty funny. Wer'e not serious, just so u know.


erin said...

that first photo is so scary! love it.

Carina said...

haha kule bilder!

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