Friday, October 16, 2009

oh arm in arm we are the harmless sociopaths

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Hello, he-llooo! I'm kinda sure you guys're already aware of the fact that this has been a great great GREAT study-week. And not great as in "oh I'm so happy" but great as in huge. Anyhow it turned out really well. Today I've been walking around in thick wool socks in one size too big Doc. Martens, transparent tights (C O L D) and my new (W A R M) coat from A.P.C! For the moment.. I'm reading a very fascinating magazine named MADE OF JAPAN. And do. you. know. what. dear. friends. ? I'm going to Tokyo (!)on the "autumn vacation" or whatever you call it in english. I can't believe it, how cool? Trevlig kväll. /A.

(...Trevlig kväll's swedish=good evening in english..)

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stine said...

aaaaaaaah, finfinfin! du är så söt att man vill äta upp dig!

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