Tuesday, November 10, 2009

badabappabaaah - i'm loving it.

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how I looked today. shoes: myrorna (the new ones). shirt: h&m kid. black t-shirt: my moms skirt (it's actually a dress): wolford.

i know.. really dorky headline, but i was at mc donald's for dinner today. it was me, my grandma and my little brother. we had fun and she told me stories about how she and my grandpa (who is sick today, by the way) met and everything. would it be wrong if i said that my grandma inspires me? because, she does.. i mean, clothing whise (however that word is spelled). i really love her - like i love everyone in my family.
another thing i love, is the swedish blogger coonbear's photographs. i mean, they are simply amazing. wow, i mean, i would be soo grateful if i could work a camera the way she can. WOW! and talking about cameras, i want to do some modeling. I KNOW it sounds vain and shallow, but as it is right now - i don't care. i used to do lots of modeling jobs, but now i'm too skinny and to short to be booked. darn it! so, i've bought this "growing" machine that's supposed to stretch me out, just over the night. wonder if it works... no, just kidding. i'm not that desperate. it's just that they had this casting today at acne - and all the boy models were just gourgeous - and i mean like... GOURGEOUS! anyway, now i'm helping my brother with his homework, while watching gossip girl. what are you up to this evening?


lovisa said...

OMG JAG HADE VELAT VARA DÄR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hur länge praoar du flicka lilla?

I Love Fashion Pastry said...

typ... till fredag. men castingen var slut idag, eller imorn... :( men om dom är där imorn slänger jag kanske in en stöt. plus att jag såg världens vackraste flicka idag. alltså... jag S to the V to the I to the M to the M to the A to the D to the E.
puss pårej storflickan.

Johanna said...

tack så hemskt mycket, det går liksom inte att tacka nog. eller för det första känns det helt insane att någon faktiskt gillar mina foton :O
men du! jag har faktiskt tänkt ut en ide, det skulle faktiskt vara kul och spännande att fota dig! om du har lust alltså?

Lani said...

do you ever have a bad outfit, ever?! this is so ridiculously awesome. i wish i could go shopping but i'm waiting for christmas!

Maddie Singco said...

Awesome outfit :)

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