Saturday, November 21, 2009

there will be a new moon

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1. nanna and i / 2. nannas beautiful mirror.

yesterday i watched new moon with nanna and alice. it was amazing and i was happy as a clown. after that we went over to nannas place for tea. it was fun. nanna, alice and i laughed more than i've laughed the past week during the movie. we laughed alot at mc donald's aswell, we came up with the worst pick up line to say to someone ever at mc donalds, which is; "are you here often?" - if you get it? anyway, right now i'm watching a swedish love story. this evning is beetlejuice + breakfast at tiffany's + candy.


Patrik Petersson said...

Trevlig blogg :D

I Love Fashion Pastry said...

sv. tack så mycket!

Our Youth said...

sweet :)

Cate said...

OMG in portugal the film has not arrived yet... BAH
How was it?

Marina said...

I watched new moon either!!
I loved your pictures!

I Love Fashion Pastry said...

HAHAHAHA jag dör! du var ju tvungen att lägga upp en bild på mitt host stökiga rum... :)x

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