Saturday, November 14, 2009

polaroids are forever

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images: me, wearing: sweater, myrorna - pants, acne - shirt, ralph lauren - shoes, myrorna.
So, today I went to Myrorna (an enormous second hand shop in sweden) with my mom and my stepdad. Guess what I bought? A POLAROID CAMERA FOR $2! I'm so happy I could scream, I did too, when I found it at Myrorna. Anyway, after that I went home, which is where I am right now, watching Paris Hilton's my new british best friend. It's sooo super funny. Haha! And oh, I haven't told you guys yet - yesterday I got a pair of free pants from Acne (the ones that I'm wearing in the pictures), that made me happy, just because they're simply beautiful. Have a nice saturday evening you guys!


Anonymous said...

which fashion blogs do you read girls?



Johanna said...

jag avgudar din stil och definitivt dina skor. så typiskt att du hittat dom på myrorna. vilken myrorna handlar du på förresten?
om du behöver film till polaroidkameran så finns det på en foto affär i gamla stan :) där handlar jag min.

Juliette B. said...

this looks amazing! i love the whole outfit x

Sophie said...

right now i am jalous. :)

Sandra said...

Så fint! Jag älskar din tröja.

Emma said...

did you cut your jeans? i have a pair which is a bit too long, and you inspired me to cut of the last part of the leg. sunshine!!!!!

my polaroid camera is broken :(

pascale said...

i got a poloroid for £2.00 but the film film is so god dam expensive and are you working at acne for work experience or just in general?
i have go to do work experience but it's so hard to find something good. |:))) h

happy days :))))

I Love Fashion Pastry said...

emma: nopedi, they where like that when i bought them, but go ahead and cut them off! i think it's cool! :D
pascale: i'm there for work experience, allthough it's over now.. i know, i got that work experience because my dad knows the board director there.

x's to you both & to all the other pepps who commented.

frida said...

helt snygg blogg.

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