Thursday, November 12, 2009

yesterday, all my troubles seemed sooo far away.

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outfit from yesterday. shirt: h&m kid, skirt: made myself - yes i'm that diy, stockings: Wolford.
Hello guys. Today I won't post an "outfit of the day", since it's not that exciting. I probably will tomorrow though, I have a new skirt. Right now, I'm just chilling. Watching "Mammas Pojkar" - a swedish version of "Mommas Boys", I love it. It's so silly and dramatic and all the girls are just stupid. Haha! Tomorrow I'm going to my friends house for a girl-night, or a girl-dinner. So much fun! I have homework to do too, man - I do not want that!
good evening!


ALMA said...

Sv: det gör dock inte de normala människorna i malmö! sjukt asså, haha.

fan va great, måste jag kolla in i jul :)

Emma said...

you are the cutest! and i admire your sewing skills! and your tidy room. and your hair! did i mention that you are the cutest?


Ullis said...



OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG GISSA VEM JAG SÅG IGÅR PÅ STAN BY NIGHT? GISSA? GISSA? GISSA? GISSA? JAG SÅG DIN IDOL BOOOOBBBBBYYYYY FRÅN MAMMAS POJKAR! han stod i en dörr i en klubb/bar på medborgarplatsen och var dörrvakt. ynkling såg han ut o vara! ensam också! hahahahaha. jag är cool. hejdå.

Maddie Singco said...

You're so talented at diy-ing cause that skirt is pretty

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