Saturday, December 12, 2009

Champagne Supernova

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photos: 1 me 2 my friend koala sitting at my bedside table while loosing one of his hands

Goodday. This week has been stressful. This weekEND has been great, though! So far. I'm at home doing nothing. Apart from listening to music and wearing black clothes. Today me and Flash joined a competition at the stables and we actually did great. Tomorrow is the lucia-day! Remember that I told you some about it? Wellwell, see you soon - silverspoon X Alice


karolin said...

åh, älskar eran blogg! Skulle vara jättesnällt av er att berätta vart ni har gjort eran banner!;D

°Gabi said...

I'm bored.. what's going on there? :]

Cheers from Hungary!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Hey Gabi :) I'm bored too... Well... We have some snow here.. and I'm listening to music while dreaming away. I would like to go to Narnia! What about you? :] XAlice

Hardcore Unicorn said...

karolin: den har vi gjort i nya power point!

°Gabi said...

well, there's no snow here yet..but I'm looking forward to it!I like it when christmas is white *.*
I would like to go back to the '20s and be a flapper! I admire those years ^^


Anonymous said...

hur lenge sedan var det du såååv??

Hardcore Unicorn said...

jadu, inatt faktiskt. när sov du sist? det stavas: hur LÄNGE sedan var det du SOV.
ha det bra, tuffis.

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