Sunday, December 20, 2009

take me where the wild things are.

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Hey! Today Johanna took photos of me, really early in the morning. I didn't mind though, I love morings, they are crispy in a way. She is really nice too! This is only one picture, i'll post more later this week. The concept was Where The Wild Things Are and I happen to think it turned out pretty well!

And another thing - I have love troubles! What are your best tips for that? I guess you want to hear the story? Well, this guy is in love with me, eventhough it very rarely happens. I'm eating icecream and planning christmasgifts to get my mind of off things. I would like to read about a good love story, so - how would you like to write one? The one with the best love story gets it published here on the blog. So, let's get cookin'!


Hardcore Unicorn said...

poor bambi :'(

Anonymous said...

tusan att jag inte har någon fin kärleks historia på lager, men jag brukar läsa niotillfem när jag behöver sådant :)

ja jag hittade ju tillslut till busshållplatsen, efter att ha ringt till mamma och gått fram och tillbaka några gånger :D

Hardcore Unicorn said...

yes, poor bambi

jo, jag med, men det fanns inga på lager...

vad bra!


Stina said...

så vacker.

Marina said...

Hi! My name is Marina and this is my story.
I was in love with a guy and I always talked about him with a friend(she was in love with another guy).And one day she meet him,but him felt in love with her.I cryed a lot,she told me that she don't want him,but he talked with her. And finally they kissed. Now I don't want see him anymore.

I love your blog!
your photos is really great!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

thanks everyone! marina, i know what you mean, it has happened to me as well.

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