Thursday, December 3, 2009

a happy year with spongebob!

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me by me. made the dress myself, it's my mom's shirt.

i'm exhausted. i hate school and i hate studying. thank god it's friday tomorrow! right now, i'm watching friends, it makes me happy. tomorrow i'm going to dress rock & roll (my way) just because i'm bored out of my mind. will anyone buy me a one way ticket to paris? i want to go there and stay there forever. thank you bruno and alice for going to myrorna with me tomorrow and lighting up my week. (month) - (i meant year).
i really like you readers, you are the most awsome thing in the world. but you don't comment! tell us anything, even if you think that our blog suck. just tell us, we'd really like to know!



Emma said...

hmmm.. i don't know what to say. i just wanted to comment. but you know that i want to say something good about you, but i want to say something original too, but i dont know what to say. you know.. but did you know that i've sent you a mail? no, you didn't! or did you? love across the ozone layer. and all the wat to march, the sun, pluto and herbal tribute. xxx

Anonymous said...

tycker du är något av det sötaste som finns!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

emma: checking it out right now! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

anonymous: åh, tack så mycket! hihi (a)

Yvonne Renee said...

you are so cute and your room is so pretty.

hannah said...

fin blogg och fin tjej!
och fiiint rum!

Karin said...


AliceBlue said...

åh vad mysigt!
du är superduper söt! älskar klänningen

°Gabi said...

Do you mind if i go to pAris with you...? *-*

lumberjackie said...

make a tour photo blog/video blog of your room! i am so curious as to what it looks like! :)

EKKA said...

you are so petite :)

Anonymous said...

hhahah du ser ut som en flygverdina
helvete med kaffe på tröjan hahhahahahahahahhahahahahah sopa

KARINE said...

No Seriously You Are Just So Cool !
Btw Love Your beedroom !

Hardcore Unicorn said...

anonymous: åååh tack, det var fint sagt. flyvärdinnelooken var exakt den jag var ute efter. jävla loser. puss

a. said...

hey girl, your blog rocks, your blog totally does.
your dress is still awesome.


Anonymous said...

your room looks very cozy.

thanks for your comment.

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