Friday, January 1, 2010

the power.

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My start of the new year is not that great, due to stomack flue. So, to make me happy, I'm watching Ellen Degeneres show. It rules.

So, new year resolutions are following:
1. Eat less candy - Oh yeah. I'm not sure if i will continue on with that one.
2. Start drawing again - I stopped drawing, started to find it boring since my drawings where bad.
3. Start writing again - When I was younger I used to write short-stories and doing that made me feel so much better, so I'm going to try and start again.
4. Watch more old movies - Because I love the olden days, haha!
5. Stop being such a drama queen - I'm somewhat of a loony-crazy drama queen and since I don't like other drama queens, I don't think i should be one either.
6. Stop worrying, be happy! - Yes, I worry. If my mom doesn't awnser the phone I think she's dead (again with the drama queen).
7. Be nicer to people around me, even when I'm in a bad mood - I can be quite the bitch. Gosh, that is annoying!

I love you readers, just so you know!


°Gabi said...

Happy New Year!!

one of my resolutions is in connection with the less candy and chocolat as well..x]

hope we could keep it up!


Miriam said...

happy new year e! andra bilden är för fin

Miriam said...

happy new year e! andra bilden är för fin

molly said...

oh you take such good photographs!
what movie is that?

happy new year

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Gabi: What a coincidence! :) Yeah, let's do it!
Miriam: Du med M! Tack så mycket.
Molly: G, thanks! Actually, it's not a movie, it's from a swedish commercial, I just took a picture of it.

Happy new year peeps!

Bubu said...

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Bubu said...

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Thank you :).

Hardcore Unicorn said...

thanks bubu!

Amandine said...

you're cute! :D

Anonymous said...

elsa var det inte jag som tog de två sista bilderna? När du, jag och julia var med varandra.

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