Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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pictures 1&3, me on a saturday morning. one of you beautiful readers asked me to post a picture of me with my hair down. there it is! picture 2: a painting i have in my room (which i love) and some bags. that acne dustbag contains quite the surprise.. *drumroll*. picture 4; my lovely acne dress and a scarf that julia's forgotten here. i don't know why it's still there, i've never used it...

the title is one of my favorite words in french. not because it means hair, i mean - i love hair - but that's not it. i just like the way it sounds when you say it. try it; cheveaux. it's not pronounced the way it's spelled. but if you know french, think about it for a while.

today i went home from school due to headache. so now, i'm thinking about eating lunch. or no, i'm thinking about what to eat for lunch. my dad is really bad at grocerystore-shopping, so i'll have to go to the grocerystore, i think.

tomorrow i'm going to meet hedda, a girl who i haven't seen in forever. we danced together two years ago, but after that i haven't seen her. so, tomorrow i'm going to meet her. i'm a bit nervous. just because i haven't seen her for so long. i'm a nervous person. that's all.

listen to this while saying cheveaux. amaxingly amazing.



°Gabi said...

gosh, it's one of my favourite songs!!

°Gabi said...

I mean the sleepy head x]

Hardcore Unicorn said...

i know, mine too!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

i love all of them, though! haha

liten myrbebis said...

du e söt. och jag e sjuk. och cheveaux stavas utan a. bara såru vet.

Rebecca said...

när du säger det, så är faktist cheveaux ett väldigt fint ord. Men det är väl så att när man hör ord rätt ofta glömmer man väl på något sätt att upskatta dem, om man nu kan upskatta ett ord.

Hardcore Unicorn said...

liten myrbebis: jag ville stava fel. det såg finare ut så! puss

rebecca: ja, precis. tycker också det!


Hardcore Unicorn said...

det tror jag inte på, pussefnusspuffs /mjäk

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