Sunday, February 28, 2010

don't be a smartiepants.

So, I am now officially on vacation! It feels nice. Not having school. Today I'm doing some packing and cleaning my room - not that fab, I guess. Hopefully, everything will go completely smoothly. Sorry for all the boring images, my camera is not really functioning. Which blows for my upcoming ski-vacation. I love taking images while skiing, even though bringing my camera up in the mountains is really messy, it's worth it - the light is simply exquisite. It's weird that i'm traveling uplands, just for more snow - when there is so much snow here in Stockholm that it's killing me. I need summer - NOW!

Yesterday I went to Arvida's house to take some pictures and hang out, it was a lot of fun. She is a really nice person in general - with a lot of thoughts and such. So we talked and photographed and watched some really funny youtube videos.

Here's a videoblog about the pinkness.

Hope you are well.

ps. there is now a blog containing my shortstory! go to


Anonymous said...

Any good advice for dark brown hair for don't look like a punk :) ?

Rebecca said...

det ser så himla fint ut, jag vill också ha långt hår som man kan spraya rosa:(

Stine Vikne said...

wow wow wow! That's soo cool!

Pearlpink and Babyblue said...

looove the pink!!!1

Sequins♡Sparkles said...

your hair looks really cool! love the pink :)
you have such a great blog..found you via lookbook.
you have a amazing style too!
i'm following you now.
hope you'll stop by at my blog too.

My manic and I. said...

Wow, i love ur hair. I return to the last school year next week. Haha, my vacations are almost over.

Anniken said...

beatiful haircolour!:) very trendy.

Les Fleurs said...

Nice hair!:)

<3 Les Fleurs

Kylie said...

I can barely hear an accent in your voice, how do you speak English so well?? I want to know!!

Anyways, love the pink hair. It looks FAB, and hope you have a nice holiday ;)


Hardcore Unicorn said...

thanks everyone! URE NICE AND LOVELY PEOPLE! :)

Irene said...

i told you on the other post, it looks really nice on you, and i finaly decided to do it in blue :)

uum.. i was wondering, how did you guys made that heading with the image inside the letters?


Katya said...

from fairy

partik said...


Hardcore Unicorn said...

patrik: ursäkta? har ingenting att säga, jävla idiot. sköt om ditt eget normala liv du, så sköter vi våra.

Hardcore Unicorn said...

patrik: snälla läs inte vår blogg längre. du är pinsam, jobbig, osmart. klarar inte av dina äckliga kommentarer. jag är inte onormal, plus att färgen inte är permanent. läs inlägget idiot!!!!!!!!

Ellen said...

FAB! gick en modevisning förra veckan med rosa hår, det var så snyggt!

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