Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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I just got home from school. I went 2 hours early due to stomachache and as you can see on the picture above I am really tired. Im sitting here thinking about unimportant things (got to use the not-in-school-time well...) Like, why's me tshirt baby pink when it used to be vanilla-icecream-colored? Someone must've put it in a pink wash or something... It looks nice though!

I recently read some pages in a book that I found in my parents library which is called "The Language of Birthdays". It's a big blue book where you can look up your birthday and read 2 pages about it. It says things like, good characteristics (strengths) that peple who where born on that day has and the same with weaknesses. It says which other star sign you "like"/fits with and then there's a big lot of text and text and text. The cool thing about it is that all of it makes sense/is true! Well, to me it does. You should read it. Everyone should. It's so cool. Oh, I sound like a real jerk... But still, if you'd like, tell me your birthday and i'll look it up for you!

Now I gotta go listen to Nouvelle Vague and think about foolish love and cafes. Later today me and elsa are going to artschool! I love it. XXX.


Lolla said...

Love this picture !
Haha this book must be fun and yes can you look for me i'm born on the 25 of december yeah at christmas :)

zoe. said...

the book sounds cool :)
dont mean to be a pain but could you look up march 4th please :)

Irene said...

Ooooh, I've got a similar book, but i think is green not blue, anyway, i love the second pic + your scarf, and u look cute, not tired :)


Hardcore Unicorn said...

Lolla: Thanx! I will look up your birthday as soon as i can! xxx

zoe: Yes it is :P You're not a pain! I will ! xxx

Irene: Thank you very much! xxx

ellinor said...

hhahaa aa :P

Veronique said...

Just nu tävlar jag ut en ABTRONIC X2 på min blogg! Var med och tävla du med :)

Julie said...

Hi, I loveee reading about horoscopes and things like that, my birthday is august 11th I would love if you could tell me about mine :)

Anna said...

Can you look up mine pretty please? It's september the 9th xo

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