Saturday, February 13, 2010


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sorry about the wierd images.. no inspiration what so ever.

hey people, friends and prettytypes!
yesterday i went to an awsome dinner where i laughed so much that my stomack actually hurts. tonight, i'm going to a valentines day party at my friend petras house. i'm bringing my friend elsa. you might find it confusing, that i have a friend named elsa (which is my name) but it is like this. her parents thought that i was so awsome, that they named their firtst-bourn child after me. it really is an honor.

no, it's not like that (although i wish it is). but all and all i'm bringing my friend elsa as my date to the valentines day party. she is beautiful, so who is to bully me about it?

another thing, that people has questioned me alot about lately, is about my "boobs" (we know they're not that, but let's suppose they are). yes, my boobs are small (non existant) and no, i don't think it's a problem. i like not having to use a bra, or worrying about looking slutish if my cleevedge is to deep. i really don't care. last year, it was all i ever thought about. it was like i was waiting for a train, looking at my watch thinking "when will they arrive?!". but now, i am in full acceptance of it, so stop asking.



Karin said...

elsaelsaelsaelsa! kläm och ta i, men akta dig noga för..... FJÄRTEN!!!!!!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

karinkarinkarinkarin! jag aktar mig. oj, det där var visst levern. vi begår självmord-

Anonymous said...

we should've been born in Twiggy's age! By then, boobless was the trend.

Hardcore Unicorn said...

maybe i should've. i wish i was. Love the sixties.

Anonymous said...

i kinda like your blog :). and c'mon dont care bout those probs espexially in your age! anyway those are not the importants things in sexual relationships!

Lani said...

I know how you feel. :( It made me really self conscious too but I've learned to embrace it! :)

Hardcore Unicorn said...

anonymous: i don't really care, actually!
lani: yeah, me too! :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fyfan va du är hårig!

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