Thursday, February 18, 2010

What good will come with this?

I'm still sick. Still tired. Still waiting.

Don't know what I'm waiting for. A special phone call, email, letter, person. Whatever.

I saw that you liked the videoblog, so I made another one. This is not a videoblog. Just something I made to get out of studying for my science test tomorrow.

I love you guys, but you really suck at commenting. Is it because you don't find our blog interesting or a malfunction of any kind?

I just received a weird phonecall. From grandiosa pizza, who wants me to be in one of their commercials. This is the weirdest ever. Need to call my mom.



Anonymous said...

kan föreställa mig dig stå där med förkläde och pizza-mössa! åååh bara säga:" kom och köp grandiosa pizza, that's what makes you, yeah just you! Happy! love u" något sådant, hehhe....


Hardcore Unicorn said...

Haha, jadu.
äääälllsssskkkllliiiinnnggg *klapp på kinden* Du är den knäppaste jag känner!

Karine said...

Haha Good Ballerina ! You don't practice dance ?
What is the name of the song ?
Haha and yes your phonecall was weird ! And i found your blog really intersting but maybe my comments are not interesting XD i don't have inspiration sorry
Loove Oh and btw i'm the Karine De Castelbajac you have in Facebook, but everybody don't care stupid me :) !

Oda said...

du är nog sveriges coolaste kid! utan tvekan

Anonymous said...

här ska du få en kommentar:


Hardcore Unicorn said...

Karine: Nope, I used to - but not now! Every comment is interesting, i like all your comments! :)

Oda: DU är DET! KRAM

Anonymous: Tack SÅ MYCKET!! :D Du med som skriver denna kommentar.

Stine Vikne said...

OMG! Du er så søt!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

stine vikne: DU MED!

Amandine said...

it's fun ! :D

Hardcore Unicorn said...

amandine: yeeaah. thanks! :)

LISA. said...

hi! what is the name of the song u are dancing to?

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Lisa: It is called: Ready for the floor and it's by Lizzy Trullie!

Rebecca said...

Jag blev på som gott humör när jag såg videon, liksom lite sprallig.
och jag har typ en ny favoritlåt nu, TACK!:)

frida said...

haha underbart

Lili said...

Je veux tes cheveux ! Et sinon, j'aime beaucoup ton style. Tes vidéos ont réussi à me faire rire aussi, t'es un peu folle mais c'est ça qui est cool.

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