Monday, March 22, 2010


So, someone asked for videos, here are some videos.
The first video is of my BEAUTIFUL friend josephine (yes josephine, I posted the video here - that's what you get when you film yourself in my photobooth). But she is only joking (dah!) and well, she is like that almost all the time. I love her!
The second video is me. It's not that fun. The song is pumpkinsoup by Kate Nash. I did it in iMovie. Any questions?

Today I've been working. De nada. Pretty fun. They gave me money and I cooked some.. The kids are extreeemely beautiful with blonde curly hair and huuge blue eyes. I wish i looked like that!



nina + seraina said...

your blog is sooo fun


Hardcore Unicorn said...

thank you nina + seranina!

Rebecca said...

du gör alltid så härliga vidieos!

Anonymous said...

nej, va du är söt elsa! älskar dig med<3/josephine

Hardcore Unicorn said...

rebecca: Tack så mycket!
Jossan: DU E DET!!

Sofia said...

det har du, den är grym!

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