Thursday, March 11, 2010

new york, new york.

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Wearing top from h&m, skirt + belt second hand.

Tonight I've been studying, eating sandwitches and... studied. I really don't like studying! Not right now.

Anyway, I've been thinking alot about fashion lately. Balmain especially. I must say, that this seasons collection is really un-innovative. Again, with the shoulders! I didn't like it the first time, so I like it ever less now. So un-awsome! I did like Proenza though.... and all those other people who rule the world (not you, Balmain):

So, someone asked how much my Acne dress is. It is about 200 dollars, I think.

That's that. Good night!



Emma said...

you are such a beautiful and inspiring person! i love that black shirt. and that i can look into your shelves. it feels like i can read your whole life-history: i am a fortune teller! :D


Hardcore Unicorn said...

Emmapemmagemma! You are inspiring and B-E-A-UTIFUL! I love all your clothes and your lovely hair, and i love that you are a fortune teller! :D

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's til eternity.

Emma said...

your right foot's palm is telling me that you are in love- if not now soon. he is dark or light, tall or small, nice or stupido... i can't tell, because then the truth will be boring.

and balmain is goingt ot be even more stupid and go with the financial crisis! EVIIILLLL.

good night<3<3<3<3

you are so sweet!

MALIN said...

Not to mention Stella McCartney!

MALIN said...

Then we definitly do not agree, I thought it was a fresh breath of air. This basically sums up how I feell about it

K said...

I loove the dress. U look so fragile and beautifull.
Really like your blog :)

Hardcore Unicorn said...

K: thanks <3
malin: maybe it was fresh, but it was so simple. not that innovative..

Pearlpink and Babyblue said...

beautiful dress!

Rebecca said...

Väldigt fint. Den där kjolen i bakgrunden var är den ifrån?

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Rebecca: Den är second hand, butiken heter gammalt eller något...
Tack så mycket! :)

Amandine said...

I love it!
beautiful !

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