Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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These images are from my friend Katja's girls dinner. It was funfunfun and I danced my ass off. I wore my Acne dress. LOVE IT!

Today I met Hedda and we went to Tokyo Shop, unfortunately I didn't buy anything. Wasn't in the mood. After that we went to her house and hung out for a bit. Her room is b-e-a-utiful! LOVE IT! After that I went home, had dinner with myself and now I'm watching two and a half men. I want Jake to be my best friend. He is awesome.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy my Comme des garçons wig. I'm soooo excited. It's nice! Woho!

I'm so tired I'm literally sleeping in my chair. By my computer. I just don't understand... what is it that makes me so tired? Is it the sun? Pollen? School? Phuuuuu.

One of my friends Elsa started a blog. Radiosweets.



Irene said...

if i say you're beautiful i won't sound original, but you are.

ooh, what happended with that photoshoot you were thinking about? did you find someone?


Hardcore Unicorn said...

Irene: OH MY GOD THANK YOU! That's the nicest thing. So are you!

Oooh, right. I totally forgot about that. Actually, I didn't get that many emails, and no one was available when I was. buggerrr...


georgia lilly said...

yes she is right you are truly beautiful, and so sweeet. i forgoyt to mention HAPPY BIRTHDAY, how rude i was!!!
and thank you for responding to my comment ! also do you model ? xxxx keep up the good blogging !!! xxxx

Hardcore Unicorn said...

georgia lilly: OH THANK YOU!! :D :D :D
that's okay... alot of people forgot about it.. hhehehe.

i do sometimes. i was scouted for the modeling ageny Mikas, but I was a little bit too short - so the told me to come back when I was taller (170cm) - which I am now. So I guess I'll call them after the summer when my braces has come off :D

xxx thank's xxxxx

sophia said...

your friend josephine, is she a model??

Hardcore Unicorn said...

no she isn't but she should become one. she's a bit too short though.

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