Thursday, April 15, 2010

like all the birds you sing.

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All images from a happy day at the cemitary (sounds ironic). 1, Me wanting to try how my jacket would look like this. My decision; Awesome. 2, My beautiful friends Elsa and Josephine eating icecream. How beautiful are Elsa's lips?! Birthdaypresent to me? Someone? 3, Elin and I, just chillin'. 4, I don't know. Happy. I guess. 5, Josephine and I. Trying to look posy yet failing...

Today I've been studying french. (That is a lie. I've been watching Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty. I will study french after this). It's no fun, french. The language is beautiful and I wish I was born to speak it, but I'm not.. sadneeesss...

Tomorrow I'm going to a girl'sdinner, that'll be fun! Julia, Elin and I have my place for ourselves so we'll make it a girls-night. Whoo! I WILL bring my camera this time so you'll all se the images.

Anyway. Hope you are well. I am well. Spring is here. I'm writing it a serenade!



J said...

hejsan! riktigt fin blogg. Jag undrar vad för kamera du/ni använder? jag ska skaffa en ny, kollar runt lite först:)

Hardcore Unicorn said...

To J who posted a comment that blogspot deleted: I use the Canon Eos 450D rebel.

Marina said...

Hello! your city look so beutiful! and the photos it's very cool!(litlle crazy,but i liked). It's good to check your blog because in my city the girls don't do it the things that you and your friends do it(girl's night,go out to take pictures...). Congratulations!
can you take pictures in your school?? i'll be good see where you study and how is the school ind Stockholm(it's just an idea)sorry about my english!!:/
{my name is Marina;)}

Marina said...'s me againg...i forgot to ask you something...
penpal it's someone that lived in another country and send letters??
so...what you think that you can send letter to me and i send to you(I'm from Brazil)?????????????????

Hardcore Unicorn said...

marina: yes we could, but it's very expensive tto send letters to brazil, unfortunately... but maybe.

and yes we could again :)


Julia said...

i love the first picture!! great outfit, great blog!

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