Sunday, April 11, 2010


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My beloved penpal is Emma. Emma lives in Norway, but it doesn't cost much to send the letters anyway. In our letters we write about cool things and how cool we are. No, we don't. But we write about peculiar things. She is really lovely. I'm going to visit her on the 13th of may. Can't wait.

Now that you have my adress, please don't stalk me. That would simply be unnecessery and scary. And boring for you, possible stalker, since I think that I am pretty boring to stalk. I have my boring routines.

By the way, I'm back from Italy, I have so much to share with you - and cool images. Whoo!



Emma said...

elsalove<3 i want a letter from you, and i think it will come tomorrow! pusses

Elin said...

The queen is back in town! Haha, välkommen hem! Hallelujah, hallelujah!

Antonia said...

varför skriver ni på engelska till varandra? :)

Karin said...

E M M A <3

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Emma: it must must must come soon! :D
Elin: Hallelujah! And I will c u tamarraw mafrend!
Antonia: För att hon är norsk.
Karin: I K N O W <3

Suzanne said...

The way she made that envelope is just genius!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

where did you find your penpal? She seems amazing!

Antonia said...

Jag förstod att hon är norsk, jag har också en brevvän ifrån norge som är norsk :D Men hon skriver på norska dock.

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