Friday, April 30, 2010


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(excuse the bad webcam pictures... my cameras memorycard is currently on vacation)

if you by any chance were to spot me on an island in the middle of nowhere you would see me looking like this, more boring than i've looked all week (except for today, like - simple black dress from american apparel halla!). But it'll be cold on the island and i'm rather warm than styled and alllllll fashion. besides, it's a family countryhouse get-together. it would be silly if i was.

the reason for why we are going to this island, is because of valborgsmässoafton, a tradition we have here in sweden. we celebrate that may is here and the fact that everything gets brighter and warmer now (only that usually happens in june...). i hate this tradition. everyone gets all drunk and you have to stand in the freezing cold and watch a fire that no one appreciates anyway. the only good thing is that valborgsmässoafton is a half-day and the day off is a free-day. but this year valborgsmässoafton is on a friday, which means that we get saturday off - which we would've anyway. so all the shops are closed. bummer.
(sorry for all the cynicism. i'm really hungry!)

some of you said that you wanted more videos, so here's a video of me breathing bubbles.

glad valborg alla svennar!



pascale said...

This is the best thing ever :D

georgia lilly said...

haha this is so funny, i love your kookiness, also you have made me want to be sweedish !!! it sounds so good, all of the cool stores you have, in england, where im from, everyone has such boring style it seems, despite what is seen in magazines, but i guess there are some really stylish people around here though i am just not seeing them a lot !!!!!!

Your modelling thing sounds cool, i would love to do that, do you have any idea what you want to do when you grow up ??? i know i dont !!!

agian keep up the blog!! its really great !!! and i hope you had a happy sweedish celebration thing ( i probably cant spell it ) despite that you are not to keen on it !!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Zoe said...

i love this!

georgia lilly said...

oh also what sewing machine would you recommend, not too expensive!!?? xxx

Kylie said...

Arrrg your videos and pictures are so gorgeous. This is one of my favourite blogs, sorry for not commenting more! I love both of youuuu


Anonymous said...

please tell me, where is this great black furry thing from? i want it too.

Hardcore Unicorn said...

pascale: thanks! :) :) <3 <3
georgea lilly: oh thank you! I mean, to be honest i would love to be english. I think that the language is fascinating (dork... i know..), But london is cool! Where in england do you live?
I mean, people aren't that stylish in sweden either. There are some people that are really interested in clothes here in stockholm, but not where i live. I mean, they are interested but they are not as "alternative" as I am... if i went to söder i fit in more. but i live like on the upper east side, and söder is more like... downtown or whatevs..

the thing is that i have no idea what i want to do when i grow up. i wish that i just had this talent that told me what i should do.. but i don't.. hehe...

thanks. i'm at home now so i didn't have that much fun.. hehe.. but thanks anyway! <3


kylie: thank you! that makes me really happy! oh, less is more! haha, no but it's cool when people who haven't commented before starts commenting :D <3 <3 <3

anonymous: oh, actually it's an old kustbevakarna (the people that guard the coast of sweden) jacket, which i turned inside-out. :)


Anonymous said...

WHat song was playing the backround, its so great!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

anonymous: it's a song by Kate Nash, i don't know the title but it's from her new album.. hehe!

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