Saturday, May 8, 2010

the ants

Today I went to Myrornas (like good will) with Josephine. I bought a pair of shoes and a black top and a present for Emma (i'm going to oslo to visit her on wednesday). Excited about that!

This evening is nothingness. I'm going to stay at home and try to get my emailadress working. It's down and dead - what's up with that? Hehe..

Right, the shoes that i bought are awesome and i love them. NO hating on them now.

On monday I'm going to post pictures from when I went to Gröna Lund (a fun fair) with my friends yesterday. It was FUN! (Thanks for all the fun gals).



Anonymous said...

How you and Emma met each other ?

Anonymous said...

Hello !In a post, lately about a party, i've seen tea so,do you drink tea ? If yes, wich are you're favourite ?

Hardcore Unicorn said...

anonymous1: Hello! Yes both of us drink tea. Alices fav: rhubarb&vanilla-tea from friggs, Elsas fav: herb-tea from friggs!

anonymous2: Elsa & Emma met via our + her blog!

Rebecca said...

Skorna var himla snygga.
När jag går till myrorna försöker jag verkligen hålla ögonen öppna, men det slutar oftast med att jag går hem tomhändt, men du verkar ha bra öga för sådant.

Marie said...

Hi there girls,
first of all, love your blog! I have been already following it from the beginning! But I had this question, wich is rather of track, but I'm desperatly looking for this photo editing effect. Where you mix your photo with an amazing pink sky. Somebody already heard of it? Cause I could use some help here : )

with love, from Belgium

rebecca said...

Your jumper looks soooo comfy :)

Lara Maria said...

looooove ur hat

Hardcore Unicorn said...

Rebecca: Åh tack! Jag vet inte om jag ska kalla det skicklighet, främst tur... hehe! Ibland åker jag dit och hittar ingenting men jag är där jätteofta!

Marie: I'm sorry to say that I know nothing about photoediting, but I know that you make that with layering... hehe!


georgia lilly said...

wow oh wow oh wow. i stand with you my friend on the facebook thing, its weird you are the one person who thinks the same, i know we are merely strangers but it is somewhat refreshing ! xxxxxxxxx

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