Monday, May 24, 2010

countryhouse/new shoes

This weekend, Elin and I went to my country house. We watched Ponyo, had discusting wraps on the bus (seriousely the most discusting thing everrrrrrrr) and took some nice pictures (they weren't like NICE, but they were like NICE in like memorial way or whatever *sounding stupid*).

Emma was here too, so Karin, Emma and I went shopping and I bought a tank top and a pair of platforms (images). The platforms made the guys in my class go bananas(!), I don't think they've ever had that much fun in their entire life. All they did was making fun of my shoes. My god! They're not even ugly, just special. Anyways, I pimped them with some flowers and shit..

Today I went to this thing for Rädda Barnen (save the children). We talked about "normer" (like standards - unwritten rules) and how they can be so very strange sometimes...). It was fun, or well, it was kind of meaningless. Atleast I got free fika (cocacola and gifflar (cinnamonbuns)).



Alice&Elsa said...

dear bajsie, you wanna go do somethin fun + study swedish with me tamarraw? /meow

Emma said...

but those wraps were supposed to be yummy!!!


good look l
nice shoesi!

(i just remembered adream i had years ago. in this very second)

Kylie said...

I would wear those shoes in a second. Actually, now I REALLY want them.... I've been obsessing over platforms lately!


Alice&Elsa said...

Alice : YEY det vill jag!
Emma: I KNOW! But those weren't the ones we bought.... though.... we bought some at seven eleven or whatever and they tasted like shit! hehe

Maddie said...

Your feet are sooo cute and tiny!

Alice&Elsa said...

maddie: thankssssss xxx

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