Friday, May 14, 2010

I miss you as much as french people smoke

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my beloved friend Elin is in Paris. i'm jealous, and i miss her. and she said she miss me as much as french people smoke. or as much as they love baguettes. i love her unconditionally. today i've been writing letters in the early morning while it rained outside. around lunchtime i went to the stables and stayed there for maybe 3 hours. then i took the train into town where i met my family for dinner at pa & co. i'm listening to beautiful piano music. this specific song that i'm listening to right now makes me feel humble/sad/lonely/loving/missing/longing/blessed at the same time. weird but yet lovely. i need to got to bed now. i need to go up at 6:30 am tomorrow since i'm going to a show jumping competition with my pinto pony. afterwards i'm hopefully meeting a friend. good night. alice.


Anonymous said...

Haha that's pretty right, french smoke muuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

anonymous: haha yey...:)

Elin said...

Vad fin du är hörru!

De röker sjuuuuukt mycket! Jag har fått ont i halsen p.g.a. det... man kan knappt andas....

Hardcore Unicorn said...

elin: ohnejejejej!!!!!!!!!!!!! detta faktum oroar mig något oändligt. gagag. :8) 8:)

MAURICE said...

hellooo alice,
i hope you have received my letter ?
i returned from bavaria(typical german: all people wear weird hats, have a weird accent and drink beer all the time)sunday evening. i feel comfortable without facebook. today or tomorrow i'll probably finish your next letter. um..well
LALALALOVE from maurice.

Hardcore Unicorn said...

hellooo maurice,
yes I have and it was beautiful and I've sent you another one already. bavaria sounds german. :P. i feel free and healthy and happy and peaceful without facebook. great, i cant wait for it!

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