Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New hairstyle...

Just kidding. I would never even dare cutting my hair (and dying it) like that. But I got the wig as a b-day present. Prettyyyyyy awesome! And eventhough everyone looked at me like I was crazy, I felt really pretty. Don't you think?

Today I went to painter-school and made a collage inspired of making babies - don't know why I find that so fascinating... But I do!

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my friend Klara who I haven't met FOREVER! She is b-e-a-utiful! And real sweet too!

I also just booked my ticket to Oslo, so excited! I'm leaving on the 12th of may and returning on the 16th! AWESOMEEE! Again, I'm so excited. Babababaabaaaaa!



georgia lilly said...

wow, yo do look pretty !! and i think that you look kinda like kate bosworth in it ??!!! its so cool!!xxx

georgia lilly said...

hey do you go to like an art school or something??? xx

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