Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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aaah gosh, stressy day! Our school celebrates it's 15th anniversary this week so we had an art-competition (LET US ALL HOPE THAT WE WIN!) , in which three students (more or less) from each class would paint a painting of something that they thought represented the school. me, elsa and constance represented the 8th grade and we painted a bookshelf (how strange that might sound..) in which there were books, an apple symbolizing our mac books, a flower pot, a globe, a photography, a swedish strawberry cake, flowers and some other stuff. since we never got finished we stood there painting and panic for a long long time after all of the students from the other classes had gone. meaning, the only ordinary lesson we had today was french, where me and constance did nothing but laughing and googling pictures of france.

now, i really need to study, then ugly betty time. no seriously, school is freaking me out these days! i got so much to do, kill me. ------

if you for some reason would wonder, im wearing this in the pictures: black marni shirt and black AA cycle shorts or something.

sorry for boring updates this weekend (at least from me) but the reason why is because i was at a ridingcourse with my pony, studied, slept (tiredness is taking over the world) and waited for mr postman. this weekend though, you'll get great updating, promise.

upd.: today i deleted my facebook. i dont see why i should keep spending my time on doing something completely worthless. and it actually feels really good! i feel free in an odd way. heh, just so you know... . .

Xx, alice.


angela. said...

du är så fin, söta alice :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, school is pure shit !
But do you have mac books for school ? How cool is it if yes! Hope you will win ! Love you're brownish hair on the picture ! And you're black outfit, black looks good on you really !

Hardcore Unicorn said...

angela: å, du e snäll & söt angela :)

Hardcore Unicorn said...

anonymous: yes sometimes it is PURE SHIT!
yes, every student from grade 6 to 8 has it, and yes its pretty cool :) Yes we have to win.....(!!!!) Thank you so much! <3

Anja said...

just came accross your blog, and i like it very much, lots of videos and photos :)

you look nice here, simple but interesting!

Hardcore Unicorn said...

anja: ah thank you!!! xx

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