Thursday, May 20, 2010

supernatural delight

I spent the afternoon with Josephine. We had icecream and cocacola. It was fun! We took some pictures under a nice old tree - which I later climbed (images) *superproud monkeyperson*.

I wore a new dress, which isn't really me... not my style so to speak - but it was really cheap and it's beautiful when I spin and I feel like Alice in the Wonderland when I wear it and I really do love it. It was like 3 dollars at a second hand store. L.O.V.E.

How do you like the new layout by the way? I love it! I mean, I do! If I ever had a dreamblog it would look like this and if I ever got to choose who read our blog it would be you!

So I've done this before, but since we have so supermany new readers, I would like to know; Who are you? What is your favorite pet? What is your opinion on Unicorns, existing or fake? Do you have a blog? Why do you have a blog? Where do you live? How old are you? What is your favorite memory? What is your favorite game? Have you ever been in love? Howcome you read our blog? Anything! Tell me anything! I actually want to know!



Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I have really been enjoying it! It's nice to see a fashion blog, that's not all about after parties and how V.I.P. they are. It's also nice to know, that you're interested in your readers. (-:
I hope you enjoy blogging (it seems so!), and that you keep it up, so that I can read it! :-D

Anonymous said...

I am Linnéa
Existing SUUURE
Yep :
Because, I think it's a good way to share something you like or detest !
In France
I'm 14
Favourite memory is my childhood, about 6 to 9...
Favourite game is huuum i don't really know :/
Yep, i'm consantly in love, but i've never had a boyfriend, and I don't thin someone can love me, I don't know, it's weird for my age...
By lookbook


Zoe said...

I am Zoe
a dog
EXIST! haha i guess so but they're really pretty
yeees i do have a blog:
I like to share things i like with everybody
I live in north england, booo! it sucks!
i am 16
my favourite memory is the summer 2004
my favourite game, umm manhunt? british bulldogs? im not sure but i like playground games
ive never been in love
ummm i think lookbook
i love your blog and your styles and personalities and i like to watch the funny videos you post because i do the same with my friends and it makes me think that it doesnt matter where your from or what language you speak WEBCAMS ARE FUN!

Alice&Elsa said...

Spacetimefox (coolname!) : I'm glad you like our blog.. The reason why it isn't all parties and v.i.p. is because we're not.. Hehe.. <3

Linnea: HI! YOU ARE SWEET! <3

Alice&Elsa said...

Zoe: Sure indeed and will do! <3

Mimounah said...

Sv: Gud vad glad jag blev nu! Tack så hemskt mycket. Du är också väldigt fin. Och ni har en himla fin blogg. Vad underbart för er att bo i Stockholm, jag önskar jag också gjorde det..

Alice&Elsa said...

Tack och du är fin och du har fint namn!

sara said...

åh den andra trädbilden var så fint!

Alice&Elsa said...

tack så hemskt mycket! <3

Anonymous said...

jag heter sofia
jaag tror de finns!!! hihihi!
jag har tyvärr ingen blogg- men eran tillfredställer mig nog
jaag bor också i stockholm :)
jag är 15!
minnena är mitt liv!
favortispel.. hmmm jag gillar att spela alla sällskapsspel som finns!!! men det finns ingen som vill spela med mig för ingen annan tycker det e kul haha!
jaag vet inte om jag varrit det- jag hr gillar flera killar och en nu faktiskt! men jag tror inte jag e kär...
jaag läser den för att jag hittade er här på devote!
jag skulle tycka det var kul om ni pratade mer om kärlek och era förundringar runt sånt som vi tonårstjejer ofta går och frubbblar på. eran synvinkel på vardagen! mer roliga vidoebloggar också ;) :)och jaa updatera! meer! mer ! meeeeeeeer!!!! grymmmmm blogggg

georgia lilly said...

these pictures are beautiful, your blog is refreshing, and you girls are perfect.

Sara said...

Hi, I'm Sara!
I like owrusoxsnopardumocto
thats (and owl, walrus, fox, snow leopard, and dumbo octopus put together)
Unicorns are most deffinetly real. they live in australia, which is 98% desert.
Yes, i have a blog but it is boring unlike yours :)
I live in Washington, DC.
I'm 14 turning 15.
My favorite memory is when i went to london and paris last summer <3
I like Call of Duty.
Yes, i think i have been in love.
I read your blog because it is unique and intresting.
i love your blog <3

Clemence said...

How do you get your hair so beautifully longlonglongg?


Alice&Elsa said...

sara: TACK! och ja det ska vi absolut försöka göra! :)
SARA: Thank you so much! Oh, please tell me the name of your blog, I would love to read it! :)
Clemence: THank you and well, I haven't cut it for a year so I guess that's contributing to it.. I mean... Well.... I use alot of conditioner!

xxx to all!

Ingrid Alise said...

My name is Ingrid Alise, and my favorite pet is dogs (I guess because I'm the proud owner of the cutest and kindest Golden Retriver in the wooorld!), but I reallyreally want a little cat, but momma says NO -.- I think unicorns excist if you want them to! They're like fairies. Yes, I have a blog and the adress is :)I live in Norway (just decided to write in english, because some sweeds get a little confused when I write norwegian)and I'm 17 years old. My favorite memory I think, must be when I stayed at my best friend Ida's house for almost a week last summer, and we climbed out her window in the night and climbed up on her roof and then watched the stars and the wind was blowing warm and smelled of flowers. We talked and listened to old hits on my cell phone and laughed at old memories we have together. It was so nice I decided to never forget. I love that girl <3
My favorite game is anything that involves cards!
Yes I have been in love, but when I fall in love I do it so deep that it stays in me for years... So I try not to.
I read your blog because you guys are so funny, and I can't help but smile when I read. AND you post so many cute photoes!

Ok, this just turned out to much longer that I ment it to. I probably made a fool of my self so I'm just gonna post it before I change my mind!
Ceep on the good work!

Maddie said...

ELSA AND ALICE! Liking my comments so far? I read your post about wanting more comments and I never commented that often cause I was afraid I'd sound like a creep (which I do now) but I just really like your blog. Oh I didnt have time to keep up with your blog or the blogging world cause of all my exams :( Anyway, here are some answers:

Unicorns exist on another planet which is made of dreams but still reality. Not being sarcastic.

Yes I do have a blog. I have two: which is older than htp:// I was meaning to ask if you can check out my blogs? And how did you get people to start reading your blogspot?

I live in England but I'm really from the Philippines, have you girls heard of it?

I'm 16, very nearly 17 then I can driveeeee!

Favourte memory... Too many to choose.

Game, again too many to choose but my friends and I are obsessed with playing hide and seek at college at the moment! Hahaaa.

I found out about your blog through your lookbooks and read t even when it was Fashion Pastry.I read it cause you two seem really genuine and open but still private in the sense that you dont reveal too much. Also, you have a wicked fashion sense especially Elsa and amazing Art skills especially Alice! Oh my, I seem to know a lot. lol I'm sorry. And you like the same TV programmes as me.

And I will be commenting more unless you want me to stay cause I'm way tooo weird.. :/ lol. Also, please may I do a feature on you guys on my new blog?!


Alice&Elsa said...

MADDIE: YAY! THIS IS LOVELY! THANK YOU! You absolutely doesnt sound like a creep. at all.

i (Alice) just checked it out and although it seems like you havent posted that much yet its lovely! i like your zebra-mask :P

Um. To be honest, I dont know (how we got people to read our blog..). I guess we've just updated as much as possible and ofcourse, lookbooking.

Of course i've heard of the Philippines:)

WII, everything you said made us HAPPY!!!! Thanks for being so nice to us:)

your comments are totally amazing so please, KEEP IT UP!

And YES, do it! send us a link when you have,,:)

XxXXxxXxX, Alice. (and Elsa)

Kristina O said...

Hello I'm Kristina
I love elephants and owls
Unicorns are beautiful and do in fact exist
I do have a blog it's
I live in Texas, United States
I just turned 17
I love hide and go seek
I've never been in love
I love your style, and the fact that you live in Sweden
I am a ballet dancer, and I love shopping

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