Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back from france, new hairdo.

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Back from france with a tan and new haircolor (not...). Or well, the color around the face is new, I made it blonder since my cendre color made me look like an old lady (no joke.. it was grey or something..). Although the top picture of my old hair makes it look a bit more grey than it was. Oh well.. More pictures of my old hair here...

France was great yet a bit sad. You see, when I was born my grandfather bought this huge house in a place called Roquefort Les Pins and my mom and dad took their new born babygirl and an IKEA startpackage and went up there for about two months. Since then we've been there every summer and now the house is sold. I will never go there again. It may seem silly, crying over a house, but that house has represented my childhood and now I won't be able to go there again.

So the ride home was chaotic. I cried on the plane and then, since I get "plane-sick" I was about to throw up all the time until I fell asleep and fell down on the floor. Gosh, I hate flying..

How is your summer going?



Anonymous said...

know the same from a friend.
but i hope you enjoyed the time there very much! ((:
my summer isn't that cool right now 'cause we haven't got holidays yet.
but on thursday they start and i'm SO looking forward!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean... I cried when my childhood house was sold too. Your new hair colour looks great btw:)

Amanda said...

My summer is going well :)

you look really pretty!

angela. said...

nej, stackars gumman :(
jag också hatar flyga!!!! tåg är ju bäst!!!
så synd med huset :/ jag har också en lika historia med huset jag åkte till varje sommar sen jag var liten!!!
vi borde ses!!
<3 kram

Camilla said...

sounds like an interesting trip ahah x

Anonymous said...

i get plane sick too >.<

Anonymous said...

:( i would cry too

Luci Ana said...

Awww. You're so amazing. LOVE!

Malin said...

Ditt hår är supersnyggt!

sofia said...
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